Capitalist Pigs



This afternoon.

Via The Guardian:

Percy Pig has emerged as one of the first casualties of Brexit red tape, with Marks & Spencer warning that its famous pink sweets could be hit with new import taxes in Ireland.

The sweets are among the more than 2,000 products sold in M&S food halls that are affected by the “rules of origin” regulations set out in the trade deal struck with the EU.

The rules dictate whether import taxes, called tariffs, must be paid based on where a product’s ingredients come from and where it has been manufactured.

Actually addictive, sweet, sweet porcine.



Percy Pigs in Ireland hit by Brexit red tape as M&S warns of tariffs (The Guardian)

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77 thoughts on “Capitalist Pigs

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            I’m with you J. Their ‘Thick & Creamy Madagascan Vanilla Custard’ is a triumph also.

          2. millie bobby brownie

            Prunes? Jaysus tonight Jan.

            Actually had stewed apple and custard for desert yesterday evening with home-made cinnamon biscuits. Very very nice in such cold weather.

          3. V aka Frilly Keane

            Then I need to share my flexie pastry recipe with you Mills

            Flex by baking tin dimensions
            Crumble / Fruit Bake for the custard in a bowl in front of the fire
            And ‘Late Night’ on the AmPrime (◠‿◕)
            Or as a Fruit Bar / Bikkie from when you’re mad late and trying to get lads into the car

            An’ c’mere
            Thick & Creamy Madagascar Vanilla Custard
            Tis far from it
            Or as the late Frilly would have said – something my Nana never said
            Notions! M & S Notions n’ all
            The worst kind

    1. H

      I totally agree, I often saw things I liked while at home but I would always wait until I got back to London before buying them. I once got a pair of boots from Office at almost half the price they were looking for in Dublin.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        My uncle used to work with a number of British retail groups, Office and Oasis being among a few, and the absolute gouging that went on (presumably still goes on). The rule of thumb in the family was that if you saw something you liked, take a pic of it and the label and send it to Uncle B, who’d get it at the considerably cheaper UK price, usually with a discount too.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Their baby clothes are pretty good, mind you. For some reason I got loads after the little lad was born and was impressed with the quality.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      do the other boys still call him ‘percy pig’?

      I thought that stopped when his mam intervened

      1. ce

        They should be renamed – “Cameron Specials” – in honour of the fool who brought us Brexit… and destabilized North Africa, what a legacy!

  1. goldenbrown

    found myself myself in an M&S food hall yesterday

    large gaps in the isles , whole rows of shuttered fridges

    signage had some guff citing “technical difficulties”

    1. Paulus

      Same experience here, and some worried-looking management in a huddle. I only go in for a very few products which we like…mainly sweet-based!
      Their meat, ham and poultry products have always been ridiculously overpriced.

      1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        The yellow-stickers come out around 2 hours before close of business. Some great bargains to be had if you time it right and have ‘nothing in’ for supper.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          I am so good at yellow sticker shopping! Save a fortune on chicken and steaks in Tesco if I time it right. Managed an okay haul in Marks this time last year getting a turkey crown for 90% off. Cooked it, chopped it, froze it.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            enjoy it while you can because come june, once you’ve had the jab, theyll know what you’re thinking – “lads, daisy’s heading in for some price-dropped cutlets. peel the stickers off fast”

        2. Niallo

          Theres a world of difference between an m&s yellow sticker and a tesco or Sainsbury’s yellow sticker, taking your life in your hands with that gik.
          But defo, have filled the chestfreezer for €50 many a time.
          The sugar free percy pigs though, yuck !

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      what kind of x proddy doesn’t make her own scones, I’m not a total heathen…bought scones !

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            yes the scon is gone
            NOT that I owned the scowen,
            I made it for youuuuu ;)

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            she just hasn’t tasted my scons, resistance is futile once she does

          2. ( ̄_, ̄ ) AKA Frilly Keane

            even the Hollywood says Scone

            ok not with our ‘own ring to it
            but its definitely a ‘one to the Sc that comes out of his mouth

            anyway Janie, throw up your recipe there and let us test it for ourselves
            my own Sultana one is here somewhere

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            isn’t he from Liverpool tho?
            Recipe ?! I make it by eye, I’ll have to have a think,
            I can always here my Mother say ” dinnea drown the miller “

          4. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            well as the spawn of a Derry/Donegal/Glasgow mash up, there was no hope for me :)
            great map !

          5. Lilly

            Apparently the Queen says scon – the Balmoral influence – but anything other than sc-own sounds naff to my ears.

  2. ce

    They should be renamed – “Cameron’s Specials” – in honour of the fool who brought us Brexit… and destabilized North Africa, what a legacy!

  3. goldenbrown

    hm. there is indeed a problem officers!

    “Firms including M&S suspend EU exports over Brexit small print”

    Boris Johnson’s ‘tariff-free’ deal does not include all goods exported from Britain, it emerges…under the agreement, if more than 40% of its pre-finished value was either not of British or EU origin, a product will attract tariffs


    1. Otis Blue

      Ah, no worries. Charger with his Black Knight routine will be along shortly to set us right on this.

      Trust the plan or something.

      1. goldenbrown

        well his special friend Kate might have reduced options now for the bit of dressup gear it seems

          1. goldenbrown

            my money is on the Gelatine….which is derived from Pork or Beef animal collagen….

            which is a protein that makes up connective tissues such as skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones

            which get boiled, dried and treated with some acid or base and filtered to extract the collagen

            which gives Percy his jelly-esque consistency

            there, I said it

            not sure it explains that Charger fella however

    2. GiggidyGoo
      And those tariffs are in addition to the normal duty. Depending on the composition of the little piggies, it could be quite high.

      The main problem though at the moment is that these companies didn’t bother their hole preparing. Irish companies were a lot more educated and prepared though some needed a bit of a push, but they did realize that it was important to be, or be in the process of being, prepared.

      Stena Line is cancelling sailings at the moment between Ireland and the UK due to an extreme fall off in freight traffic. Partly because of the new direct services to Europe, and partly because of goods not moving UK to Ireland.

      Poor Charger.

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