Pass The Parcel


This afternoon.

An Post said that many items posted in Ireland during December for delivery outside the country “are still in transit through airports and sea ports”.

But that’s not all…

….consumers are complaining not just about international parcels and deliveries.

There are reports of letters being posted from one Dublin address to another Dublin address taking up to a month to be delivered.

Numerous An Post customers have contacted RTÉ News to report severe delays in having post delivered within Ireland, with the delays appearing to have hit not just parcels but letters too…


An Post warns customers may be waiting weeks for parcels (RTÉ)



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8 thoughts on “Pass The Parcel

  1. Praetorian

    Yep…still waiting on a parcel from Manchester posted on 30th November.Company has since credited back my card in good faith.

  2. Verbatim

    Confirm, I think they are quarantining letters and parcels before leaving and on arrival at port, and why would anyone expect the postal service to work – we are at war.

  3. V aka Frilly Keane

    Not just An Post
    In fairness

    My Nespresso Order was due last Thursday
    Still waiting and no update
    And we’re into the silly stuff now
    Like vanilla custard muffin flavour and

    Like how am I supposed to work
    Terrible altogether

  4. H

    All of the Christmas cards I sent from London to various parts of the country arrived on time as did the parcel I sent to Co. Clare last week, maybe I was just lucky….

  5. Lush

    Four weeks for a parcel from Dublin to Bordeaux.
    But it was full of Cadburys, and Tayto, and Barry’s tea; so well worth the wait.

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