5k No Fun Run


This afternoon.

Baggott Street, Dublin 2.

One of a large number of Garda checkpoints around the country as Level 5-enforcing Operation Fanacht resumes

Gardai last week gave 17 fixed penalty charges to motorists who FLAGRANTLY traveled more than 5km from their home to visit the Wicklow Mountains.


You can find a list of questions that Gardai will ask you at checkpoints here, and exemptions that allow you to break the Covid travel restrictions here

Ireland lockdown travel restrictions: The Covid rule Gardai ‘will now enforce’ after notorious ‘large gathering’ (DublinLive)


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29 thoughts on “5k No Fun Run

    1. Charger Salmons

      Ireland now has the highest coronavirus infection rate in the world, with 10,100 confirmed cases per million people being recorded in the last seven days.
      Desperate times call for desperate measures.
      I doubt the fuzz are any more keen on this happening than we are.

      1. Chevy chase

        Where was that reported? Surely Broadsheet would have a post about such international news as that?

        I know it’s not such groundbreaking news as some nobody losing his YouTube channel but still…

    2. Dan

      Have you ever actually lived in a police state? In a police state people get disappeared, tortured, executed, without trial. The fact that a few Gardai checkpoints (which you can get past with any number of excuses, or in many, simply drive in the far right lane) would suggest that Ireland is not in fact a police state, but you are either a) woefully naive, or b) a moron.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I can’t think of a police state anywhere in the world where the police are not armed as a matter of routine.

  1. joesimms

    Em the hospitals are in trouble already. (Healthcare worker here)

    Within 10 days in Dublin, if current trends continue, people could be denied ventilator beds cause there aren’t enough. What are the government meant to do – trust in the goodness and common sense of the general public to socially distance and adhere to the guidelines?

    bUt iT’s a pOLiCe sTaTe my eye, you have no idea how bad it could get.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        Hope Mrs Clamps is recovering well, Clampers, and that you and family are all good :)

        1. Clampers Outside

          She is Millie!
          She’s in v good form all considering… needs to be told to “mind yourself, now go back to bed” all too often LOL! :)

          and thanks for asking.. .. .. thank u too Bodger!

          1. millie bobby brownie

            That’s a great complaint, in fairness. Delighted to hear she’s doing well abd and clearly in very good hands ;)

    1. SOQ

      I do know how bad it can get, from a couple of paramedic Queens in London- nearly every call from the well heeled ‘work from home’ suburbs now.

      Same as South Africa- poor townships now the affluent- I quite the socially leveling aspect of this cold- I may even do a Sunetra Gupta drag.

  2. joesimms

    There are 280 or so ICU beds for the country.

    Remember, the cases are going up in a frightening fashion, and a certain % of those cases will need an ICU bed about 1-2 weeks after testing positive. The most recent ICU data – https://covid19ireland-geohive.hub.arcgis.com/pages/hospitals-icu–testing – shows a pretty frightening trajectory in ICU bed occupancy, and that’s 1-2 weeks *before* that fixed % of these positive cases will need a bed. That ICU bed occupancy graph in particular is scary.

    And that’s not even talking about the secondary effect of having these ICU beds filled with COVID patients. Most of them represent a surgery (e.g. a cancer surgery, liver or heart surgery etc) that’s been cancelled because there is no ICU bed to put the patient in after.

  3. John Smith

    Just to clarify (or further confuse?) the issue, the law does NOT restrict you from travelling more than 5km from home. It is actually much more restrictive than that but, at the same time, far more exceptions are allowed than the government guidance states.

    The law does not allow you to leave your home AT ALL – unless you have a ‘reasonable excuse’. If you have a reasonable excuse for leaving your home, there is no distance restriction in the law, unless your reason is to take exercise (not defined in the legislation), when the restriction is 5km – the only reference to distance. By law, therefore, if you are not in your home and you have no ‘reasonable excuse’, you are breaking the law, even if, for example, you are just standing on the pavement outside your gate (or possibly just outside your door, depending on what is the definition of home!).

    Statutory Instrument 701 of 2020 (google Irish Statute Book), which details the legislation (ie the LAW, as opposed to the government guidance), states that you may not leave your place of residence without a ‘reasonable excuse’. ‘Place of residence’ is defined as being, in most cases, a person’s ‘home’. ‘Home’ is not defined so it is unclear whether it includes any garden or other land, garage, the rest of the building (in the case of a flat, for example), etc.

    In the Statutory Instrument, there then follow 26 reasons, many of these having more than one reason within them – in all covering almost three pages. The use of the expression ‘without prejudice to the generality of what constitutes a reasonable excuse… …such reasonable excuse includes’ shows that these are not the only possible reasons so you can give another reason which should, at least, be given consideration, not rejected just because it is not listed. The government, itself, has added ‘visiting a grave’, for example, which is not in the legislation. This list of legally-acceptable reasons is, therefore, far longer than the list given in the government guidance and is still not definitive.

    1. Cian

      Well they probably decided that adding “Don’t be a winkie” into the legislation may be misconstrued.

        1. SOQ

          Do let us know next time you are within the vicinity of Daisy Hill- a welcome party will be provided.

          Treatment on the other hand- cannot be guaranteed.

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