Behold: the Deep Space Resonance Watch by luxury timepiece maker Vianney Halter: an intricate 3-axis tourbillon beneath a domed crystal case, riding on a pair of synchronised balance wheels surrounded by a time display, hence, four movements symbolising the 4 dimensional fabric of the Universe.

Only two of these cosmic wrist candies will be made each year and yours will cost around €820,000.


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7 thoughts on “Space Time

  1. Gavin

    Imagine the annoying git with this trying to tell you the time…hold on, just got it, its, hang on just a sec, nearly got it..(I know, its a collecotrs items)

  2. Paulus

    Reminds me of the story of the flashy git shooting his cuffs at the bar counter to consult his obviously expensive and ostentatious watch:
    A fellow customer asks him for the time.
    “8:16 exactly” says our friend.
    The other customer then reveals his £20 Timex and says:
    “Yep, same here”

    1. Tony

      And then a few years later the two lads need a few quid so they decide to sell their watches. The €20 Timex is now worth about 2 quid but your man with the expensive watch sells his for more than he bought it for as it had increased in value.

      Daycent chap that he was, he gave the Timex lad 20 quid to get a replacement for his old watch and invested the rest in a vintage sports car.

      1. scottser

        Which he duly wraps round a tree, not being able to handle cars with awful brakes and understeer.

  3. Harry

    There looks to be surprisingly few pieces given the complications.

    Makes my Patel celestial seem humble.

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