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The results are in.

Last week, with a stunning Expedition Emerald watch from Huguenot Horology on offer, we asked you how long would you wait for a date before accepting you have been stood up.

You answered in your dozens.

Alas there could be only one winner.

Wubbelz wins the watch with this timeless memory:

“Waited over three and a half hours when I was a broke student in Bewley’s for a girl I was very much enamored with. The staff kept coming over as I nursed cold coffees, anxiousness turning to heartbreak. When i bumped into her the next day, i expected to be avoided, but she was FURIOUS. ‘Who do ye think you are ye ignorant so and so..’Well, as you may have guessed, right time, wrong Bewley’s. Anyway, 20 years married this year, so worked out OK!”

Well done, Wubbelz and thanks all.

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Behold: the Deep Space Resonance Watch by luxury timepiece maker Vianney Halter: an intricate 3-axis tourbillon beneath a domed crystal case, riding on a pair of synchronised balance wheels surrounded by a time display, hence, four movements symbolising the 4 dimensional fabric of the Universe.

Only two of these cosmic wrist candies will be made each year and yours will cost around €820,000.


Dublin-based Pieces of Wood

Irish-made watches carved from recycled and reclaimed wood and bamboo with love.

Founder Gavin Duff writes:

Pieces of Wood is a 100% Irish company newly formed in 2020 who are here to help connect you with the most incredible wooden watches.

But we also have a mission… to be environmentally friendly.

We are carbon neutral. We’re offsetting our delivery footprint by helping to fund the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest.

Also, when you place an order you are given the opportunity to plant a tree for just €1. We are doing this in association with Trees For The Future.

These watches are sustainable, eco-conscious, hypoallergenic, and pretty awesome.

And we have oONE (yes, one) available in an exclusive giveaway for a Broadsheet reader!

To enter, just complete this simple rhyme.:

‘My watch not only tells the time,

It helps the the forests remain sublime,

For the strap and dial are made of wood,


Lines MUST close at 1pm 2.30pm.

Pieces of Wood