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      1. Charlie

        He’s still collapsed on the couch recovering from a weekend of drinking pints of cheap wine and reruns of the 1966 World Cup.

    1. MacGafraidh

      ‘A great documentary ‘.. I feel like you posted the wrong link as it links to a great load of misrepresentation.

      1. Micko

        Pretty much everything in that documentary is real and well documented. (I skimmed it)

        The Great Reset etc. Sure it was on the cover of Time magazine in Nov.

        It all depends on whether you believe what they are persuing is for the good or bad of mankind. https://twitter.com/TIME/status/1319563867345879040?s=20

        Sure ya can’t do anything about it anyway – so don’t worry about it lads. ;)

    2. benblack

      Thanks Verbatim. Very good documentary and presented in a very fair way.

      This is a global conspiracy, no doubt in my mind. I really can’t understand why some people don’t even suspect this to be the case. It’s the biggest crime against humanity playing out before our eyes.

      I didn’t realise how heavy-handed and aggressive the UK police have been. Best parts for me were the Spanish and Italian police joining the protesters after previous violent clashes.

      Build Back Better!

    1. Micko

      Interesting Formerly.

      What were the financial supports in Australia like?

      I wonder were people less stressed about money and that led to the reduction in suicides?

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        Hi Micko,

        Yes, that is seen as a major factor.

        The Tories are in charge of the Federal Government. They are as mean as they come. However, they introduced a generous system to help people through the virus. A cynic would say it was to help them keep their voters happy.

        They doubled the dole! It was not enough for people before but by doubling it, it became adequate.

        They furloughed people to keep them employed – known as “jobkeeper”.

        You had to be in a job 12 months to get it. So, lots of casual workers missed out. They had winners and losers, which is not good.

        The Victorian government has provided financial aid, too. Poor and casual workers were still working when they had the virus, due to bad federal labour laws. The state govt. paid you to isolate if you got tested, etc.


        1. Micko

          Cool. So similar to here then.

          Is it all finished now, or are there still supports in place?

          And more importantly- do you have gigs back yet ;)

  1. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Fact™#21

    As of the time of posting Ireland’s official Covid-19 vaccination figure of 77,303 is five days old.

    The UK’s latest vaccination figures which are updated daily at 4pm and accurately record first and second doses are :

    First dose total
    Second dose total

    1. Charger Salmons

      Charger’s Vax Facts™ # 23
      ( Cabs for jabs™ )

      Uber have thrown their weight behind Britain’s vaccination push by launching a new free-ride initiative for those travelling to and from vaccination centres.
      Anyone travelling to the 7 up-and-running vaccine jab site hubs will see their fare covered up to £15.
      The centres are in Stevenage,Newcastle, Manchester, Surrey, Bristol and Birmingham.
      And London, the city whose socialist Mayor Sadiq Khan has twice tried to ban the company.

      1. Joe F

        Hey clown man, what about the great record the UK have on deaths per million population? Your pal Bozo is doing a great job. Out of 221 countries listed, the UK is 7th highest. Great job Bozo. And it seems some of the Tory faithful are changing their opinion on him, his latest approval rating is -20%.
        It’s funny how a while back you used to post his approval ratings, back then they were positive. You’ve gone very quiet on that front of late you clown.
        You really are some clown. Marvelous.

  2. goldenbrown

    “Lord Sumption tells stage 4 cancer patient her life is ‘less valuable’ “

    Appearing on the BBC One show The Big Questions on Sunday to discuss the question of whether lockdown was “punishing too many for the greater good”, Lord Sumption, one of the most prominent anti-lockdown campaigners, said he did not accept that “all lives are of equal value”


    I think posh boy has been watching a bit too much Logan’s Run

  3. Charger Salmons

    You can read the excuses why Ireland is unable to provide these figures on a daily basis even though virtually every other EU country is able to here in the government-briefed Irish Times story.
    Rather than being able to provide news based on facts the paper offers its opinion that Ireland’s vaccination programme is ” chugging along steadily.”
    That’s their opinion based on five-day-old data rather than accurate information.
    It claims part of the problem is Irish patients don’t have a ” unique identifier “.
    Like a PPS number …


    1. ReproBertie

      “virtually every other EU country is able to”
      EU countries that last updated on or before Ireland’s last updated:
      Italy, Spain, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Czechia and Belgium.


      That puts Ireland top of the bottom 3rd for updates. As usual the data shows Spoofer to be full of hot air. Or, to put it another way, “rather than being able to provide [information] based on facts [Spoofer] offers [his biased] opinion”

      The lack of updates is something we have been told will be tackled, including updating the Covid tracker app to display the numbers and this can’t happen soon enough.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Top of the bottom third ?
        And you’re proud of that ?
        But anyway can you remind us which day last week you confidently assured us on here that daily vaccination figures would be provided by the weekend ?
        I did warn you to stop digging …

        1. ReproBertie

          All I’ve done is provide data to counter your groundless claims and, as usual when facts are presented to clear your smokescreen of garbage, you respond with an ad hominem. Can you show me where I said I was proud of it?

          1. ReproBertie

            Since you’re finding things I said you might show me where I said I was proud of Ireland being top of the bottom third of EU countries for vaccination number updates.

        2. ReproBertie

          On Thursday I said that “The latest vaccination figures will be available on the Covid Data Hub from this weekend and regular updates will follow.” which was a comment based on an RTÉ report I linked to.

          If you check the government’s Covid Data Hub today you’ll se that it does, in fact, report the latest vaccination figures.


          1. Charger Salmons

            ” Latest ” being the same figure as before.
            If you’re going to keep digging this much you ought to avail of a mini-digger and a hi-viz vest.

            Bertie Begorrah Backs Lax Vax Facts ™


          2. Charger Salmons

            Speaking of someone being embarrassed about what they previously wrote here’s the UK Lib-Dem leader Sir Ed Davey ( who ? ) on the Twitter machine last July.

            ” The PM must confirm that the UK will take part in the EU vaccine plan. This is no time for silly Brexit games. ”


            At this stage the UK had already ordered 30 million doses of the British/AstraZeneca vaccine months before the the EU had even got round to thinking about it.
            Ireland is paying the price for that ineptitude today.

          3. ReproBertie

            The EU pre-ordered 400 million doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine months ago.


            So are you saying the EU’s ineptitude was in not forcing Astra Zeneca to put their vaccine forward for EMA approval months before it was ready? Don’t worry. I know you never answer questions because it means exposing your ignorance.

            I mean you can’t even point out what was wrong about what I said last Thursday.

        1. Joe F

          Some of us have to work clown man, so just getting to BS now! Here are some facts that you ignore. UK 7th highest out of 221 countries in deaths per million population. Ireland is 48th.
          Your pal Bozo doing a mighty job then?

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Donnelly is way out of his depth. The former Gung-ho independent, then SD got his wish to be in government which is ‘where he can make changes’, when he was put into the ministry that he berated Boo Boo Simon Harris over making a mess of.
    There must be something about Wicklow, that they throw up the failures of the political world and place them in high office.

    1. Bitnboxy

      Lol @GiggidyBot. Shur, we should put you in charge! Along with Skeletor Culinane and your good-self/selves, with this “dream-team”, we’d be sorted faster than one could say “Up Da Ra”!

      Now, back under your dank Grifty rock.

      1. goldenbrown



        (though there hasn’t been a useful Noël Browne amongst any of them over the years to be fair)

  5. TypeONegative

    Being the guy in the Daily Star who photoshops Boris Johnson into a clown literally every day must be a cushy job

      1. Charger Salmons

        I issued a strict ultimatum to the mods.
        Unless you ban somebody whose joke I didn’t like straight away I’m going to throw my toys out of the pram and storm off.
        It’s either you or me,I said, as I’ve been a loyal servant to this site over the years.
        Your gaff, my rules I warned them.
        It didn’t make the cut.

        1. ( ̄_, ̄ ) AKA Frilly Keane

          If an ignorant anonymous bigot is making crass personal jokes at another’s expense
          without them knowing or asking or inviting your attention
          is ok with everyone around here
          Then fair enough

          silly me for expecting more of everyone else around here
          you’d think I’d have learned by now

          1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            Don’t engage with Charger.
            It’s really that simple.
            We ignored LJG and he fecked off.
            Just ignore him, he’ll soon get bored if nobody bites.

          2. Charger Salmons

            They’ve been saying that for the last couple of years.
            Most of them are now in Chump’s Corner funnily enough.
            And it’s amazing how many of them seems to miss me when I take a few days off.
            Or even a few hours if this morning is anything to go by.
            I’m catnip to cockwombles.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Vax Facts™ # 24

    Latest daily vaccination figures from the UK updated at 4pm today.

    First dose total
    Second dose total

    Ireland’s figure of 77,303 still not updated since last Wednesday.
    In fairness …

  7. Charger Salmons

    Or to put it in layman’s terms more Britons have been vaccinated than all the rest of Europe combined.

        1. benblack

          The witches are telling me, V.

          Cork 5 in-a-row double, hurling and football – 2026!

          Can you imagine the bragging rights?

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