Morning In America


This morning/afternoon.

The White House, Washington DC.


This morning/afternoon.

Washington DC, USA.

The sun rises over the National Mall, where a “Field of Flags” represents Americans who cannot attend the inauguration amid rona fears.

‘Field of Flags’ on National Mall represents Americans who cannot attend Biden’s inauguration (ABC)

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28 thoughts on “Morning In America

  1. Nigel

    Bodger, c’mon, pleeeeease tell us what you think The Plan is and how it’s going to work out today pleeeeeease.

    1. Commenter #1


      Expect a move towards more Great Reset content; an uptick in Covid-denying material; and the triumphant return of posts demonstrating climate change denialism, which has been notably absent over the last while.

      1. Nigel

        If they’re right, then the Deep State and a ring of Satanic Cannibal Pedovores have actually won. Patriots Are Not In Control. God’s anointed has failed. Sobering thought.

          1. Nigel

            How young and innocent and carefree we all were back then.

            ‘The new deadline for QAnon followers is when Biden steps up to take the presidential oath. He – alongside Hillary, Obama, Pelosi and Schumer – will be arrested by the military and taken to an underground base to face a military tribunal which will be live on all TV networks.’

          2. ReproBertie

            “All televisions will automatically tune into this trial no matter what station you set it to.”

            What if I’d rather watch Confusing Space Program?

          3. Cian

            wow – “all televisions will automatically tune into this [military] trial no matter what station you set it to”

          4. Nigel

            Usual caveats for this lot – how many people actually believe this as opposed to taking part in excited collective speculation that this MIGHT or OUGHT be the plan is unclear, especially with the goalposts in perpetual motion today.

          5. Rosette of Sirius

            “all televisions will automatically tune into this [military] trial no matter what station you set it to”

            In fairness, they did. Save for their attempt to actually perform them during the failed insurrection.

  2. ReproBertie


    Later loser!

    “What we have done has been amazing … we created a new force, Space Force!”


  3. Hector Rameriz

    I have a feeling trump is about to experience the full force of a cowboy and western type song. His wife will leave him, he’ll be arrested on touchdown and his motorcade will go away.

  4. ( ̄_, ̄ ) AKA Frilly Keane

    Dunno ’bout anyone else
    but I’m in a half hoping holding pattern here
    Remember that scene in Independence Day when the Alien ship slides in over DC?

    kinda wishing for a military stealth super secret trillion dollar Trump Towers branded blimp to come over the Capitol
    with Jean Claude, Segal and that other fella, Sylvester
    sliding down on ropes made from left over restraining cable ties
    and take hold of the Biden Family Bible and send it back up to the lads waiting on the blimp
    while the Duggar family block all the exits from the viewing stands, and start singing Amazing Grace
    Maybe the three 80s period Patriots could then take off their shirts and show off the same tatts as the Shamon fella

    The big screens then show pictures of the Obamas, Clintons and Comeys and all that gang being handcuffed and masked before being led into blacked out Appache choppers
    Before they cut to scenes of a (privately run) Supermax Prison in Florida with Arnie and Bruce
    Both in vests branded Property of Q

    Ivanka in a Kill Bill tribute cat suit and a gold spear flying flag, strides across the viewing stand like its a NY Fashion Week runway,
    until she reaches Mike Pence, and unzips to flash her boobs, and then raises the flag, yells
    for my outfit and accessories go to my new website
    and drives that spear tipped flag pole into Mike Pence’s face, and twists, each rotation pops another eye
    She then cartwheels – using the flag pole slash spear as a tribute to the NRA in liquidation kinda from my cold dead hands style
    and vaults up to Mitch were she slices a few chins off him
    and before she takes her final bow she sits on Pelosi’s lap and says bye Felica

    Don’t want to spoil the rest of it for ye ( ̄┰ ̄*)
    But Jill is the only one about to give Joe CPR

    All set here, taking the afternoon off
    French Onion Soup, from scratch, sitting nicely, with some sourdough garlic bready bits ready to go
    I’m roasting beetroots as I type here to do Brother’s Hummous hack from the Pears
    I’m tempted to put together a Lemon Cloud cake together, but I’m trying to be good
    and I’ve the Broadsheet Brownies already in the tin anyway

    So, what ye upta

  5. kev

    I assume eradicating a Satan worshipping pedophile ring will be added to his list of accomplishments (along with erecting\fixing 400 odd miles of border wall)

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