Annemarie Sliney (above left), Assistant Director of Nursing and Midwifery at the Rotunda Hospital with Anita Garvanovic, Store Assistant at Aldi, Parnell Street, Dublin 1

This morning.

Rotunda Hospital, Dublin.

Aldi has announces plans to make available 60,000 nappies from its Mamia range to maternity hospitals across the country, with The Rotunda Hospital being the first to avail of the offer.

With just under 60,000 babies born in Ireland last year, Aldi is encouraging all maternity hospitals to get in touch.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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8 thoughts on “Go Potty

  1. Tinytim

    Yes this is great but it is also problematic.
    Many parents will stick with the brand they are given initially, so this is at some level a cynical move to lodge brand identity in the house.
    There are rules against hospitals promoting any preference of fake breast milk too for this reason.

    Also, and yes I have to be the jerk that goes there, these amount to 60k items of single use plastic headed probably to landfill. Given the initial expense for a family to buy into washable nappies it is a pity that they couldnt be promoted instead.

    I know I sound like a grump; dammit!

    1. Marbe

      Nothing wrong with being a Grump if what you’re saying is true. In the face of opposition, sticking to my point , I’m right you know etc etc

  2. d

    great marketing by Aldi. 60,000 nappies a year, probably cost them about 3,000euros. yeah, thats all. and they get publicity even by Broadsheet. reading its nappies, not packets of nappies.

    One of the other bigger supermarkets should beat their offer. offer a finland style hamper.

    im sure the marketing guys have thought this through, but some more inventive ways of advertising such as this stunt would be better than advertising.


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