Two eagle rays – Nibble and Spot – have surprised New Zealand aquarists and scientists by giving birth without any males in their tank

It fills me with pleasure to say
In New Zealand some virginal ray
Have just given birth
So at long last our earth
Has two fishy saviours. Hooray!

John Moynes

Pic: Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium

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9 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. ian-oh

    Uninformed oiks on d’internet: ”Trans gender is not real, its just made up, the people who say they are trans gender are just suffering from a mental illness you are born as one particular gender and that’s that.”

    Biology: ”Nope.”

    There are places in The Dominican Republic and Papua New Guinea where girls start to turn into boys at puberty. They literally grow male genitals when they begin puberty. At the end of the day, biological gender is just a case of a particular gene being turned on or off. The concept was popularised in Jurassic Park (the novel at least but I am pretty sure it was mentioned in the movie too, the ‘life finds a way” bit.)

    All very confusing and perplexing but ultimately, not just possible but actually occurring at the moment. Intersex is a lot more common that people realise. Apparently we are more of less ‘female’ at the beginning then based on chromosomes we either switch to male or stay female.

    1. Tinytim

      It seems you may be conflating gender and sex. I regularly do and have to double check…

      My understanding is:
      *if* one female became male enough to impregnate then there would need to have been a change in sex, or at least get to an effective level of intersex. It could still have identified as female gender if it wanted.

      If I’m mistaken then please correct me. Everyday is a learning day!

      More likely explanation is that these,like so many other animals, can store semen for a surprisingly long time, and choose when to kick off the pregnancy.

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