Win Nick’s Voucher [Extended]


As one door closes, another one opens…

This is the first music competition sponsored by our gracious new voucher host: Curry’s PC World.

To celebrate, the question this week is: What’s your favourite song featuring phones or phone calls?

Here’s mine.

The winner will be chosen by my repair man and sent a €20 Currys PC World gift voucher (yes, twenty big ones).

Please include video links if possible.

Lines close SATURDAY 11am.

Nick says: Good luck.

Currys PC World

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121 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher [Extended]

    1. Paulus

      Dang; you got there before me.
      Young Tom with one of his Stacey’s holding down the right pedal…for the duration

  1. daveo

    you have a repair man. he the repair man the brains behind the operation that comes up with all the excellent titles on broadsheet.??

    ive a mental image of a guy you phoned trying to fix your house wiring and now you annoing hin talking about a song competition about phones while he is trying to work.

    anyway, mine submission is ‘Home Phone’ by Kraftwerk:

    Krazy Kraftwork got bored with their pocket calculator and found a phone to play iwth.

    i tried to recreate the phone beat while talking to a mate and pressing the buttons while he was on the phone. but it just annoyed him.

  2. Bertie blenkinsop

    Lloyd Cole & the Commotions –

    4 flights up

    Well you have absolutely no common sense, yes I know that’s your charm
    You spend the whole day on the phone, you say well it helps you stay calm….

  3. fez

    Where to begin…

    Soulja boi- kiss me thru the phone? Nope.
    Communication by Mario piu? Getting to an age now where it’s no longer annoying
    Check my machine by Paul McCartney? Delightfully weird, but maybe too weird for some people.

    It has to be this beauty of a tune:

    Busy line by Rose Murphy

  4. Ted

    This is what I imagine repair men listening to in their vans between jobs: Madonna – Hung Up

    I think this is the only song ABBA ever officially authorized for sampling of one of thiers (Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!)

  5. Otis Blue

    The Other Side by Public Service Broadcasting brilliantly samples the tense and wonderfully emotional communication between Houston Mission Control and Apollo 8, which in 1968 was the first crewed spacecraft to leave low Earth orbit and also the first human spaceflight to orbit the Moon without landing.

  6. ian-oh

    De La Soul – Ring, Ring, Ring (sampling Curiosity Killed the Cats ”Name and number”) great example of a song surpassing the song it sampled.

  7. Muchacho Gordo-Delgado

    Meri Wilson, Telephone Man
    “You just show me where you want it and I’ll put it where I can
    I can put it in the bedroom, I can put it in the hall
    I can put it in the bathroom, I can hang it on the wall”
    70’s suggestive smut at it’s best.

  8. Muchacho Gordo-Delgado

    Laurie Anderson, O Superman.
    “Hi. I’m not home right now. But if you want to leave a
    Message, just start talking at the sound of the tone.
    Hello? This is your Mother
    Are you there?
    Are you coming home?”
    Weird, mesmerising and strangely unforgettable, from a lady who has led a very interesting life

  9. daveo

    nice competition. i didnt realise such a silly question would come up with great answers.

    when do you put in the customary lines extended to 11.45pm?

  10. Charger Salmons

    Nick – no need for the apostrophe in Currys.
    No question for me about my fave.
    The brilliant Steve Earle with Telephone Road from the 1997 album El Corazon.
    The first time I hear this I was driving down a two-lane blacktop in a big fat old Buick just as dawn rose on a big sky Texas.
    I had a fresh pack of Winston, a big steaming cup of black coffee and the future Lady Charger asleep in the passenger seat.This track just made perfect driving music.I particularly love the wailing Hammond organ.
    I was delivering a car from upstate New York to the West Coast.The company involved gave you five days to make the trip,a certain mileage to do it in and the first tank of gas.Didn’t cost me a thing except the gas to get across and cheap roadside motels.
    It was the cheapest way to cross America on someone else’s dime.
    It was only later that I found out the real Telephone Road was only a few hundred miles away in the same state.

  11. f_lawless

    The original telephone song:

    Arthur Collins – Hello Ma Baby (1899)

    Some trivia: apparently, the word “Hello” was never used as a greeting until Thomas Edison urged people via his telephone manual to say “hello” when answering. Prior to that it was only used to express surprise or to attract attention

  12. johnny

    ..more important than Peel, morning does indeed become eclectic with some Pink for breakfast.

    Hey Ariel, it’s Jessica
    We met at the taco truck in Silverlake
    And I don’t know if you’re like really busy or something
    But I haven’t heard back from you
    And I was just wondering like, if you could…

    -fixture on the LA underground CalArts-Downtown music scene,Ariel has been described as a …” nice Jewish boy from Beverlywood”….Ariel will never be cancelled in Soho and Weho.

  13. eamonn

    Towers of Dub – The Orb.
    For the phone aspect, for those who dislike The Orb you need only listen to the first 1.23
    You can hear a prank call made to the BBC, “Marcus Garvey, looking for Haile Selassie, and leaving a message to meet in Babylon an’ ting.
    If you persevere – wind up the bass and away you may go.

    Happy Friday

  14. RT

    Jamelia – Call Me. For the sheer early-2000s vibe and fashions, replete with dance sequences, retro computers and landlines, and of course integrating the Nokia 3210 “kick” ringtone into the melody (very evident from 3:20 onwards). That said, Blondie’s “Call Me” is a far superior song with the same name.

  15. Rosette of Sirius

    So my entry is my one of my favourite They Might Be Giants song.

    Ana Ng.

    The title of the track came from an experience the Johns (TMBG) had when they found a huge number of Ng listings in the New York City phone book.

    So it’s about a Vietnamese lady they never met. The track starts with a phone ringing and a little later there’s a snippet of a conversation with the line ‘I don’t want the world, I just want your half’…

    I adore this song.

  16. Stephen Moran

    Having ruled out “Text Me,” by R. Kelly & Poison’s “Talk Dirty to Me” on the grounds that they haven’t (ahem) aged well & billy no mates Ariel Pink’s “Put your number in my phone ” (as the number was either QAnon or diaper Don). I propose “Answering Machine” by The Replacements. Yes the technology may be defunct but the sense of desperation is timeless .Singing into the void of the answering machine static, Westerberg bleeds out with just guitar in hand over the voicemail. “How can you say I m lonely to an answering machine” showing that regardless of the communication medium, life remain the same: full of heart and heartbreak.

  17. millie bobby brownie

    Telephone by Lady Gaga

    For the simple reason that my friend used this to split up with her fella – or rather an ex who wouldn’t stop calling and it was one of the best ways of getting rid of an unwanted boy I’ve ever seen. Also, even if you, like me, don’t much like Lady Gaga, the video is very good.

  18. Liam Deliverance

    The Big Bopper – Chantilly Lace.

    “Hello, baby
    Yeah, this is the Big Bopper speakin’
    Oh, you sweet thing
    Do I what? Will I what?
    Oh baby, you know what I like”

    62 years ago this February, a plane crashed and killed 3 rising stars of American music, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson. Buddy Holly was 22, The Big Bopper was 28, Richie Valens was just 17.

    “Rising American rock stars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson are killed when their chartered Beechcraft Bonanza plane crashes in Iowa a few minutes after takeoff from Mason City on a flight headed for Moorhead, Minnesota. Investigators blamed the crash on bad weather and pilot error. Holly and his band, the Crickets, had just scored a No. 1 hit with “That’ll Be the Day.”

    The long journeys between venues on board the cold, uncomfortable tour buses adversely affected the performers, with cases of flu and even frostbite. After mechanical difficulties with the tour bus, Holly had chartered a plane for his band to fly between stops on the Winter Dance Party Tour. However, Richardson, who had the flu, convinced Holly’s band member Waylon Jennings to give up his seat, and Ritchie Valens won a coin toss for another seat on the plane.”

  19. Andy Pipkin

    I waited as long as I could!!!, but I just had to do it!
    This will melt your head all day and night, definitely not my finest hour, and definitely not one to do your hoovering to do (with your new hoover from PC World) ehh!

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
    But in the words of Marty McFly “Your Kids Will Love It”!

  20. Jonboy

    Can’t believe this hasn’t been posted yet.

    4 Hero – Mr Kirk’s Nightmare

    It actually samples 2 phone related tracks:

    The lyrics come from Think – Once You Understand. Which is a back and forth between liberal kids and their conservative parents which ends in a nightmare phone call.

    While the music comes from this 80s electro classic, Extra T’s – E.T. Boogie. A tribute to the famous E.T.’s wish to call home.

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