Ireland’s nine billionaires saw their collective fortunes rise by €3.28 billion last year

It’s been a long tough year in which
Our fortunes seeped into the ditch
But our billionaires
Are increasing theirs
So let’s all give three cheers for the rich

John Moynes

Graph: Ceoworld

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8 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Micko

    Wow. Billionaires

    There’s a good trick to try to visualise how much a billion actually is. Look at it in seconds.

    1 million seconds = only about 11 days
    1 billion seconds = 32 years!

  2. Specific Gravity

    Would that be the same Eugene Murtagh of Kingspan insulation; a company currently under the microscope of a formal inquiry due to its alleged approach to the safety testing of its products related to the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London?

    “A director of the company that made combustible insulation used on Grenfell Tower has quit in the wake of evidence the firm used out of date fire tests to market material it knew could burn “like a raging inferno”.”

    What drives those with already more money than they can ever spend and pass onto their descendants to keep pushing and manoeuvring in such a manner to the obvious detriment of others?

    Too much yet never enough…

    1. H

      I worked in the Grenfell team at DCLG after the tragedy so I know without a doubt that it Celotex not Kingspan insulation board on that particular building.

      1. Specific Gravity

        Without a doubt, you say?

        “One of [Kingspan’s] premium products, Kooltherm K15, was used as insulation on a small portion of the external cladding, some 5 per cent. That only happened because the Grenfell project ran out of insulation from the main supplier, a rival company called Celotex.

        Kingspan has said it was completely unaware that K15 was used until after the fire, and it insists that it would have advised against its use if it had known. Nonetheless its use has drawn Kingspan into the spotlight, leading to searching, difficult questions about Kingspan’s safety checks.”

  3. Gabby

    I’ve only heard of two of the guys in that Top Ten billionaire list. Clearly I tend to move around in inferior social circles. I’ve got to get out a bit more when the covid lockdown finally ends.

  4. Cian

    interestingly Forbes values them like this: (unless this is last years figures?)

    Pallonji Mistry €11.10bn (-4.5)
    John Grayken €7.40bn (+0.5)
    John Collison €3.20bn (+1.1)
    Patrick Collison €3.20bn (+1.1*)
    Denis O’Brien €2.90bn (-1.3)
    John Dorrance, III. €2.60bn (=)
    John Armitage €2.00bn (+0.7)
    Dermot Desmond €2.00bn (+0.2)
    Eugene Murtagh €1.40bn (-0.5)

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