Charge Of The Light Ale Brigade



Last Sunday.

Swords, County Dublin.

Andy Pipkin writes:

Doing the rounds on social media, it shows CCTV coverage of the Garda operation in shutting down of the sheeben in Swords. Some amount of Garda cars for a bunch of lads? I’m in no way agreeing with the action of the illegal pub, but, Christ On A Bike, did they really new that many Garda?


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15 thoughts on “Charge Of The Light Ale Brigade

  1. Liam Deliverance

    15 vehicles – way over the top but they do love the power trip, any taxpayers left waiting hours for gardai assistance around the city at the time?

    1. george

      The gardai should always aim to outnumber suspects. It makes it easier to deal with them quickly, without force and to ensure nobody gets away.

      There could have been 30-40 people in the place and some of them might have tried to leg it or fight if there was a smaller number of gardai.

    2. Bort

      From some of the videos doing the rounds it appears the oldest profession might have been going on there too. A bit more than a few lads sitting around having the craic. Very naive to think all that’s for what appears to be a very well organised, illegal “pub”

  2. daveo

    probably alot of spare garda resources with everyone at home.

    recall during ken doherty winning the snooker championship in snooker, garda said it was the quietest night.

    if i was a guard with nothing to do, cause quiet night, and a call came out, id love to head down and check it out. always interesting to see the sheebeens how they lay them out etc.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      In fact Daveo, not a single crime was reported in Dublin that night. Well during the match. Only time it’s ever happened. Causation doesn’t mean coincidence .. except in this case I think it probably does.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Could they not have hired that, ahem, unmarked ex-UK Police van that rears its snout every so often, from the lads, and arrive in one vehicle?

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