E’ Diventato Virale


Doing the rounds in Italy.

A video of Covid response committee chairman, Michael McNamara (top) last September  questioning Dr John Cuddihy, Director, Health Protection Surveillance Centre, HSE, on how rona deaths are counted.


Michael McNamara: “Dr Cuddihy, if someone shows no symptoms of Covid and they have a heart attack and are brought to hospital and they are tested and it is found they have Covid and they die soon thereafter – but this is someone who has demonstrated no symptoms whatsoever – are they recorded as a Covid death or not? If they have tested positive for Covid but ultimately came to hospital because they had a heart attack or a stroke or fallen off the roof of a building or something like that?”

Dr John Cuddihy: “We adhere to the World Health Organisation case definition in terms of recording and reporting deaths so in the situation you describe, where someone has a positive Covid test and it is a death in a confirmed Covid case but such a case would be subject to a coroner’s report aswell, and as part of the ongoing validation of data in our surveillance system, we wouldn’t…”

McNamara: “Obviously a coroner’s report takes a very long time to work its way through the system. So, for now, they are recorded as a Covid death? And maybe they are taken off that list at a later date. is that what you are saying?

Dr Cuddihy: “That’s it exactly.”

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55 thoughts on “E’ Diventato Virale

  1. millie bobby brownie


    Why are they massaging the figures actually? Is this actually relevant? I’m off to buy an Ivor Cummins poster to hang over my bed.

    1. Micko

      I don’t think any of this is intentional. Just once the ball has started rolling – it’s too hard to stop.

      The Covid tests result are very mixed.

      From my own experience of my friends and I who we all recently caught it after Chrimbo

      Only just over half of us had a positive test.

      Even though we ALL had the same symptoms – mostly feeling tired and a bit achey.

      No cough – one or two had an upset stomach thing . The whole thing lasted about two weeks or so.

      But people living in the same house – all different test results. My cousin’s in laws family had the same. Two brothers tested positive, their elderly mother didn’t – they all live under the same roof.

    2. E'Matty

      “Why are they massaging the figures actually?” – to instill fear in the populace. As we can see, a frightened populace are extremely malleable and will acquiesce to just about anything you suggest. For NPHET, this may be a perfectly natural desire to avoid complacency creeping in or the public not taking the threat seriously, so a certain level of fear is deliberately “nurtured”. We see this clearly in the way every statistic or issue relating to this virus is sold to the public in the most terrorising, negative and fearmongering way. This approach is not uncommon and was actually fully evidenced in the UK.

      When the SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) minutes were published, people were startled by the admission that the UK Government intended to deliberately frighten people to make them follow the lockdown rules. “The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.”
      – SPI-B paper, 22 March 2020.

      Oh wait, people like you think nobody in power ever lies. That must be a “conspiracy theory” then…

    1. Commenter #1

      Also it’s weird how you misquoted John Cuddihy there Joh…Bodger. Last chunk of his paragraph should read:

      “…data in our surveillance system, we would take additional details…”.

      Before he was interrupted by Michael McNamara, obviously.

      So weird! It changes the meaning a bit!

      1. Commenter #1

        So weird how the half-a-transcript here hasn’t been amended to reflect what John Cuddihy actually said.


  2. Gavin

    I get his first point (assuming the death is caused by something else ) but the second point just undermines the first and makes him look like a moron.

    1. E'Matty

      Not at all. A Conspiracy requires it be a secret. This isn’t a secret. The agenda is widely know and regularly discussed openly by those in power. The UN Agenda 21 is not a secret, for example. Nor is the Great Reset agenda. The move to a Digital Global Economy is not a secret. It’s just that people of your lowly standing aren’t privy to such information simply becuase you expect somebody to present it to you. God forbid, you might ever do any research yourself. I mean, how many Davos talks or CFR talks have you ever watched/listened to? How many books by global political and industry leaders have you actually read? (Ignore that, you don’t seem like much of a reader outisde of chick-lit). They are actually very open about their ambitions and agendas. People like you do absolutely no research and then think you have a clue what’s going on in the world, becuae you read a newspaper each day. Hopeless. You expect if something is so significant, your mainstream media will feed it to you on a plate. You’re not supposed to be involved in the conversation. You’re considered little more than cannon fodder and a useless eater.

      1. Sam

        Unfortunately I have to agree with you , I thought watching the news and reading newspapers would keep me informed . I laughed at the conspiracies but now watching long talks , some boring some terrifying talk at the IMF , the WEF the UN and indeed Davos turns out they are out there with all of it and what they have decided as to how us plebs should live our lives . They’re arrogance is quite something. Anyhoo , I digress papers and news are not enough – you gotta sit through all those talks to hear what they have planned for us

          1. Sam

            Well yes , the IMF, the WEF and the UN all have channels on youtube . You don’t exactly need to dig for the information. It’s all from the horses mouth. I’m assuming you’ve at least checked them out . Like I say not exactly exciting presentation but they are the think tanks our governments turn to to make decisions affecting us. You should really delve a little deeper than a news article

      2. V aka Frilly Keane

        Everything you’ve mentioned there is actually Strategic
        Strategic long-plays
        Like rezoning
        But still 10, 15, 20 year Planning, Development and Corporate Strategies

        Now a Conspiracy Theory
        Well, like, that looks like a Worldwide blackout while Mike Pence is arrested, and is held until he signs a full confession swearing that twas actually Mother that organised the Patriots attack on the Capitol, exonerating Trump.
        Kamala will be suicided, embalmed, and gold leafed for the car port entrance way in Mari-Largo
        Meanwhile, Biden’ is actually being held in an induced coma in a secret unit under the Vietnam Women’s Memorial. His family are already in a facility is Eielson Base recoding ballots
        The Dog is actually a robot and is being reprogrammed by Naval Intelligence to work as a Diet Coke Dispenser, and doggieliveroo
        Inauguration is actually on the 4th March. (January was only ever the Dress Rehearsal and an undercover operation to get celebrities senior Politicans and the World’s Elite together to do their annual reviews, update their operating systems, and give them their orders for the next four years

        So back to the days of what Lincoln intended before the Cabal and their Deep-state seed took control, March inaugurations

        Trump and VPanka are already installed in the West Wing with a new secret lift direct to the Situation Riom. While the rest of the place gets re-decorated
        On the day they will be inside zorbs of diamond glass to protect them from AntiFa Mustard Gas, BO and Flying Onions
        The real Jlo and the rest of the Hustlers cast will perform live from Melania’s new (1st) Lady Garden
        There’s some chatter about Maryland being renamed Trumpland. Apparently they’re going to build a wall all the way around it and use it as a Q-ah-go-on facility, offering training in hotel management, finger waving and choral chanting, full immersion pods, deciphering classes, fitness and health care, like Bleach transfusions

        Conspiracy Theory is far more complex, intricate, with far moving parts and skills sets and faculties to get right and to work together
        and super hard too. It takes a Jenius
        Than a simple market re-correction and consolidation from an annual conference session groupworkshop

        Btw. Mitch McConnell is really JFK Jnr

      1. Aido

        Yes, they literally say it as the same sentence. ‘There have been X deaths notified in the last 24 hours, and Y number of deaths have been denotified, bringing the total number of deaths of people with Covid-19 during the pandemic to Z.’

  3. GiggidyGoo


    ‘This decision follows Merck’s review of findings from Phase 1 clinical studies for the vaccines. In these studies, both V590 and V591 were generally well tolerated, but the immune responses were inferior to those seen following natural infection and those reported for other SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 vaccines.’

    The others stole the march on them then.

  4. ce

    Wow – how many people died in Italy at the height of Covid… what happen to their hospitals?… hmmm, having some memory issues me thinks

  5. Fergalito

    Forget about the news. Turn it off. Forget about the IMF. Forget about WHO. Why bother with international politics and global chess? Forget about 21, Great Resets and a Digital Global Economy. Don’t bother your botty. It won’t make any difference. You can portray your disdain online or jump up and down like a gibbon but it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. None. Zippedy. Nada. Zilch. The internet is a playpen. That’s all.

    What’s it Larkin said?

    “Postmen like doctors go from house to house”

    1. chuckenstein

      I subscribe to this. l’m not saying that we shouldn’t care or be aware…but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter a plop either way.

  6. Bottler

    I wept looking at the SKY interview with a dying 73 year Tony Brown. This is Chargers sunny uplands.

  7. Pelargonium

    ‘Doing the rounds in Italy’. It’s been viewed 800+ times on that particular account. And it’s Spanish.

  8. Joe

    I’m showing my age now but I find it so dispiriting that during a dreadful viral pandemic people here are still willing to ignore science, risk hurting their fellow citizens and family’s health both long term and even fatally and try to downplay the sheer number of extra deaths worldwide and in Ireland directly caused by corona virus. Worse some are foolish and selfish enough to advocate less stringent lock down measures and “sure whats a few auld ones and auld fellahs dying anyway”. They also ignore the physical long-term damage known and unknown that corona virus can create in young healthy people. (e.g. after the 1918 swine flu pandemic there was an increase decades later in Parkinsons disease that many virologists directly relate the 1918 pandemic “Here, people born during the time of this Spanish flu outbreak had a 2-3-fold-increased risk of PD than those born prior to 1888 or after 1924”)

    Worse the mindset displayed here by some people today is far too similar to the gay hating homophobes that were happy to argue even when they could not argue anymore that the AIDS epidemic did not exist, took the other tack, sneering with bile that AIDS “only killed homosexuals, black people and drug addicts”
    I remember only too well when AIDS was considered to be a conspiracy. “the deadly virus was created by the CIA to wipe out homosexuals and African Americans”

    In a similar manner to today others argued that the AIDS virus was either harmless or didn’t exist quoting discredited scientists just as they do today about corona virus. “University of California biologist Peter Duesberg Duesberg claims that HIV and all other retroviruses are harmless and that AIDS is actually caused by illicit drug abuse, poverty, and antiretroviral medications”

    Safe sex did not need to be practiced as “only” male homosexuals got AIDS just as eejits argue today against social distancing and mask wearing

    This is well worth reading it might make some conspiracy believing anti coronavirus people or others who argue it’s “just a flu” think a little and hopefully care for their fellow citizens and family a bit more.

    It took science a very long time to repress the rather unique HIV virus with anti-virals and there is now serious hope of a vaccine. Fortunately, corona virus type infections are totally different from HIV and will be crushed with the already released vaccines. This time we are lucky but next time?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Hi Joe.
      I like posts with back up references and links. Interesting posts like yours, I do read the references given.

      Your first reference has the following note at the bottom.
      “Ideas and opinions expressed in this post reflect that of the author solely. They do not reflect the opinions or positions of the World Parkinson Coalition®.”

      The Time magazine article mentioned two people by name who put forward the CIA theories. The article had mentions of ‘others’, and had the phrase “most members of the scientific community believe the virus jumped from monkeys to humans some time during the 1930s.” without listing even one. I’m not saying that it’s incorrect, but that article in Time reminded me of some Journal ‘fact-check’ articles, and needed to have a lot more information in it.

      The Duesberg articles do as you say give his alternative opinions.

      The Guardian article is behind a paywall.

      But it’s good that you do provide references to add to and support your post.
      (Interestingly SOQ did that too, but you saw how posters didn’t want to entertain back up references even by highly regarded scientists, publications and ran the guy off the site)

          1. millie bobby brownie


            Very wise V. This time it’s more conspiracy Big Pharma anti vax (the polio vaccine – BUT THEY’RE DOING THE SAME THING WITH COVID 19 JUST WAIT, according to the genius scientists in the comments of the youtube vid) type of thing.

          2. Crocodile Dundalk

            “Oh fantastic, another peddler of ‘alternative facts’.”

            So you didn’t bother watching or listening to the accredited scientists and witnesses who took part in this high budget mainstream channel 4 production. Ok fair enough, not miopic at all.

            How dare I present such inferior testimony to a superior mensa dwelling individual such as yourself.

          3. millie bobby brownie

            It’s actually on amazon prime, that documentary, and I’ve watched it, drawing my own conclusions that it’s a load of anti-vax conspiracy laden bollocks.

            And yeah, I don’t really see youtube as an accredited source of anything aside from entertainment.

          4. Crocodile Dundalk

            “It’s actually on amazon prime, that documentary, and I’ve watched it, drawing my own conclusions that it’s a load of anti-vax conspiracy laden bollocks.”

            So all the accredited scientists and all the workers who witnessed the production are ALL anti-vax loolaas??


            And your experience and credentials that led you to this” informed” ruling?

            “And yeah, I don’t really see youtube as an accredited source of anything aside from entertainment.”

            So you’re knee jerk impulsive response was based on the platform hosting the documentary and not on the content.. How grown up of you.


          5. millie bobby brownie

            You wanna make a fool of yourself by the MMR vaccine and mRNA again?


            Jog on pal.

          6. Crocodile Dundalk

            Reality check.

            You’re making a fool of yourself right now.

            You’ve no clue what talking about. And it tells

          7. Crocodile Dundalk

            “Careful there with the jog on pal Mill”

            The other day she was lamenting the bitterness on the site. What a load.

            “you’ll be accused of running him off the site”

            She’ll go before I will, that I can garuntee.

          8. Crocodile Dundalk

            Apparently documented fully verified fact is subjective and can be undermined and “debunked” by a person’s world view, minus any verifiable proof.

  9. dylad

    Wow, yet there are actually people occupying ICUs, and dying of this. And then those who are suffering long term respiratory and neurological damage. Look at the Deaths rose by about 13% in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. That’s with the absence of flu also.


    Get with the facts broadsheet and stop spreading conspiratorial crap.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        HIQA is one of the best organisations within our current Health Services infrastructure
        Probably the only outcome from the Health Act 04/ HSE development, was its creation with its own legislative tools and protection (Health Acts 07) that we’ve actually got right

        It was HIQA that said last January that Covid 19 was going to over take the Country and to expect everything to be cancelled for 2020. It was numbed down because there was a GE campaign underway to help Leo and co run away from it all

        and it’s HIQA now that said that Community Transmission occurred well before January 2020

        You won’t hear that on Claire Byrne
        Mind you, you won’t hear it from Ivor’s Empire either

        HIQA aren’t the messers you’ll find in the HSE Tulsa etc

        1. Crocodile Dundalk

          Fair enough on hiqa.


          “That’s with the absence of flu also.”

          “Get with the facts broadsheet and stop spreading conspiratorial crap.”


          I don’t need to add anything more.

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