Good times.

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10 thoughts on “Off His Noodle

  1. Micko

    The really scary thing is when you realise that this lad probably went to university.

    Probably has a masters in electrical engineering or something.

    And yet, he still thought this was a good idea.

    1. ian-oh

      Most likely done for the craic, its hardly a feasible solution.

      Either project work or just having a laugh, nobody would consider this to be anything but those two I would have imagined?

  2. george

    Lots of these kinds of things are done for fun by people who just like making things so without the original context it isn’t clear if its intended as a real mask. There’s a guy who made one that opens when nobody is around and closes when it senses a person and also a guy who made a gun that fires a mask at someone not wearing one but they were just done for fun.

  3. Junkface

    Face shields do nothing really. You should not wear these indoors and think it’s any kind of protection. Funny looking invention though, entirely useless. Ha ha

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