Behold: a taste of the recently announced €250 million plan to turn the world-famous 1.9km long Champs-Éysées into an ‘extraordinary garden’.

The revamp is scheduled to begin after the 2024 Summer Olympics, halving traffic, creating tunnels of trees and vastly improving the current Périphérique levels of pollution. Designer PCA-stream sez:

…the étoile intersection is reinvented as a public plaza geared towards tourists and Parisians who come to contemplate the Arc de Triomphe. on the avenue, the promenade experience makes a comeback and flâneurs will be able to stroll up and down the historic boulevard in an atmosphere greatly improved by the reduction in motor traffic.


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10 thoughts on “Elysian

  1. daveo

    Thanks for sharing Chompsky. very nice. we will have to ask Conor Faughan of AA Ireland if we can have something similar in Ireland. I wouldnt hold your breath (pun intended).

    1. me

      Not a hope of Dublin looking like this when the AA and car park operators have leverage with some councilors.

  2. DaithiG

    I see they will still allow vehicles. So this will allow the traffic to creep back in. When re-designing cities they totally ban cars from these areas and design a circular road system to go around it. This should be done around Stephens Green in Dublin, Patrick St in Cork etc.

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