No Stone Unturned


Michael Stone killed three people at an IRA funeral in Milltown Cemetery in 1988 (above)

This afternoon.

Further to the surprise release earlier this week of Michael Stone…..

A judge has ordered the disclosure of reasons why notorious loyalist killer Michael Stone was freed from prison.

Stone killed three people in a gun and grenade attack at Milltown Cemetery in west Belfast following an IRA funeral in 1988. Stone was freed under the Good Friday Agreement, but returned to prison six years later for trying to kill Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.

Stone had been serving a 30-year jail term.

His lawyer said his life would be in danger if details were made public so the summary document will be shared with legal representatives, but kept confidential on a temporary basis….


Judge orders disclosure of reasons for Michael Stone release (RTÉ)


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8 thoughts on “No Stone Unturned

  1. RuilleBuille

    If his life is in danger from fellow loyalists it means he has given information to state forces,

  2. Nigel

    Saw a documentary interview with him about the attack once – utterly terrifying and repulsive individual.

  3. Praetorian

    I was working in Belfast a few years ago,staying a few nights in the Hastings Stormont hotel…one late night in the residents bar a few local lads where in for a late one and after a while and a few the yarns begin to flow.
    The local story about Stones attempted attack on Stormont was he fupped it up because he got the wrong bus…on the morning in question Stone got on the 3F from Donegall Sq instead of the 3G.
    The 3G went in the Massey Ave gate and would stop only 100mtrs from the parliment building.
    Stone got on the 3F which stopped outside the main gate on the Newtownards road which left him with a mile uphill climb on the Prince of Wales Ave to carry out his attack.
    With the amount of injuries he was carrying by the time he got up the steps to the front doors he was physically fupped hence two unarmed security gaurds overpowered him so easy.
    If he had’ve got the right bus who knows what he could’ve managed.

    The lads also recounted a gory story about one of his sons,a headcase by all accounts,attacking two younglads in a local park in east Belfast for no other reason other than he could.
    One of the lads was the son of a local loyalist kingpin.
    Stone jnr was met the same night by a crew under the control of the angry father…he was hilti gunned to the ground crucifix like in the forecourt of a disused garage near Dundonald…then had paving slabs dropped on him.
    He now shuffles around the area with brain damage and badly disformed limbs.

    good times.

      1. Gabby

        We could try uniting with our diverse communities in the republic before trying to unite with the hyper-divided people in N.I.

      2. Charlie

        I travel north regularly and I’m in no way political. Beautiful country with good and bad people but I’d never want to be united with them. Different breed.

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