19 thoughts on “Three Is Inadequate

  1. millie bobby brownie

    Contrary to popular belief, my name isn’t actually millie, and I would suffer from the same problem as Sam there.

    I feel your pain, bud.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      It looks like this “Millie” tattoo was a foolish grand gesture on my behalf (and behind)

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I suggest adapting it to a witty limerick beginning:

        “Milliequivalence is all well and good…”


        1. Paulus

          Milliquivalance is all well and good
          But if she’d used her real name like she should;
          Instead of settling for Millie,
          now Bertie looks silly.
          He’s been as steadfast as anyone could

  2. ce

    … but the company is called 3… if you have a 3 letter name you should win a prize or something… like having a hotline to customer support… or access to free counciling

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