19 thoughts on “Whåt Yöu’ll Be Weåring This Seåsön

  1. ian-oh

    Never been to Ikea, never bought anything on Amazon, never had a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or similar account.

    Really not feeling like I have missed out in any way either?


    1. Tony

      Just to let you know – everyone on Twitter is calling you a friendless tightwad that can’t take photos or use an alan key ;)

    2. Micko

      Yer like my mate who resisted getting a smart phone for years. He’s still not on social media but finally got a smart phone as his work insisted.

      We all used to slag him and call him a dinosaur and a Luddite

      Kinda looks like he might of had the sensible approach now…

    3. Charlie

      Like those useless folk who never learn to drive and rely on others taking them places. “I never want to drive, I bus or bike it everywhere and I’m saving the planet!”. No you’re not! You’re a lazy idiot who will call on others to get you out of a hole or emergency when you need it most.

        1. ian-oh

          If you ever need Twitter to get your out of an emergency then you are probably beyond saving.

          I do enjoy looking at the odd tweet, much the way I like to watch when some rioter tries to throw a petrol bomb and ends up setting their shoes on fire instead.

          Funny, but not something I’d ever get involved with myself.

          1. millie bobby brownie

            Horrendous platform.

            The only time I go on twitter is for the Late Late Toy Show, because it seems to bring out the best in people, god knows why. It’s the only time there seems to be a truly positive atmosphere in the place.

        2. Charlie

          To a wife or partner in front of you? I know some who totally rely on their husband/wife to cart them around when it suits.

        1. Charlie

          To be their private driver on call? Fortunately I don’t have friends like that and if I did they’d die before I’d go running after their lazy asses knowing they’ve had decades to learn the simple task of driving a car. I ain’t no bitch :-)

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    Never inside the door of an Ikea
    or their website,
    Although I do like their ads on the telly

    All that carryon does look like good craic, in fairness,
    but they’re all too ‘Tipp Colours’ for me
    no matter how may likes, shares etc they get for them

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