This afternoon.

Jacinda Ardern declares 2021 ‘the year of the vaccine; (Stuff.co.nz)


…in Ireland…

…Since last August, the Solidarity-People Before Profit and Rise group have been enthusiastically pursuing this approach [Zero Covid Strategy].

Hot on the heels of the committee presentation in August, Richard Boyd Barrett was the first to raise it in the Dáil, saying the strategy was needed to replace the “rollercoaster strategy going up and down with nobody quite knowing where it ends”.

The Social Democrats have, for some time, been advocating for much stronger restrictions on travel into the country, and have called for a Zero Covid or elimination strategy, which it says is supported by the public.

The Labour Party has avoided the term Zero Covid, and is instead advocating what its party leader Alan Kelly calls a “national aggressive suppression strategy” (he has even come up with the acronym NASS), which essentially amounts to the same thing: mandatory hotel quarantining for all those arriving into the country, rapid antigen testing in the community and serial PCR testing at health care facilities.

Sinn Féin now says it agrees with most of the premise of the Zero Covid approach, but does not believe it is possible without the political will to pursue the same strategy in Northern Ireland.

There is some support among Government TDs and senators for this approach. Fianna Fáil TD Christopher O’Sullivan said he was “disappointed” that the Cabinet stopped short of the kind of mandatory quarantine measures in place in New Zealand and Australia…


Hints of Government inching towards Zero Covid approach (RTÉ)



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36 thoughts on “Zero Sum Game

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It’s to distract Bodger from imploding due to Qanon being a massive global prank on gullible idiots.

  1. Micko

    FFFG checking to see what the masses want on social media before they make any decisions.

    The other parties using the mood of the people to batter FFFG over the head.

    Sinn Fein trying to use this as a back door to a United Ireland.

    Meanwhile, Jacinda is seen as superwoman for sealing off a country that has 23 billion in internal tourism, is in the top 5 self sufficient food producers globally and is in the middle of the fupping Pacific Ocean. ;)

    Awesome… sure let’s give it a go.

    It’s gonna happen anyway. Better stock up on popcorn so.

    1. millie bobby brownie

      Jacinda Arden is superwoman for being a competent and decisive leader, who made excellent choices at the start of the pandemic based on the perceived risk thay covid posed and played to the strengths of her country, and in doing so she minimized the worst of covid for her people over the past year. They have had comparatively low cases and deaths, and her leadership should be applauded in this regard.

      Her comments today seem eminently sensible. A zero covid approach is neither workable or practical, however desirable it may be.

      1. Micko

        Have to disagree. Millie.

        We do agree that the strengths of her country are the only reason she was able to do what she did.

        Why should she be applauded for the random circumstances her country finds itself in?

        Just in this case of course, I know she’s an excellent leader in other regards.

        Just when people shout “New Zealand did it” I just don’t get it

        1. Charger Salmons

          Repeat after me.
          When you’re two small islands thousands of miles from anywhere with a tiny but very compliant population it is much easier to close borders and put your country under a draconian lockdown.

          1. Dreadnaught

            Repeat after me:

            The two tiny islands are more than three times larger than the island of Ireland. They more like the size of the UK..

            The tiny population is larger than that of the ROI.

            A compliant populace is a difficult thing to achieve and maintain. Trust in the civil service/central government is hard to build up and easily undermined or squandered. FF/FG make this an unachievable utopian goal for Ireland.

            Draconion lockdown comparison: NZ – 25 deaths, Ireland – 3120 deaths. Out of interest, are the pubs open in Ireland yet?

      2. Gavin

        Totally agree, there have been a few countries that adopted a policy and stuck to it…unlike the muppets running the show here, more like lannigan’s ball

        1. V aka Frilly Keane


          We locked down when t’was foot and mouth
          kept it out save for a rogue cross border hustler
          but we ring fenced that incident quick enough
          and it didn’t move an inch from there

          Because they had a plan
          They stuck to it
          They enforced it with zero tolerance

          Zero Covid had potential this time last year

          Lads talking about it now is only extending their own grace period for the continued hames they’re all making of it

    2. Otis Blue

      Even allowing for the $/€ differential, that claimed figure for internal tourism in New Zealand is staggering. By contrast the figure for Ireland is €2bn. The populations are pretty similar.

      1. Micko

        Crazy isn’t it Otis

        From https://tia.org.nz

        Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism made a huge contribution to the New Zealand economy:

        Total annual tourism expenditure was $41.9 billion – $115 million per day.
        Annual international tourism expenditure was $17.5 billion – $48 million per day.
        Annual domestic tourism expenditure was $24.4 billion – $67 million per day.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            plus sunshine, affordability and beautifully respected natural areas of beauty

  2. Jake38

    I presume the Trots in People before Profit want Zero covid because it would result in a socialist paradise combining the economic success of Venezuela with the freedom of movement of North Korea.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      with respect, Jake, you dont know what socialism is and you dont know what PBP are about either

    2. Junkface

      Ha ha!
      ….I met a socialist last summer for a date in the park. It was going okay until she told me how serious she was about socialism, marxism and communist states. I said : “Hasn’t the world tried communism repeatedly and it has never worked? I mean it looks like it might work in theory, but all it leads to is massive genocide and prison camps full of educated enemies of state, poverty and misery.”

      She replied : “Communism has never properly been attempted as it should be.”

      Okay bye!

      She was heavily indoctrinated.

          1. Micko

            Star Trek?

            Not in the bloody new ones!!! The future is a dark depressing place in those.

            Gimme an aul TNG episode any day…

          2. Micko

            I’m not a fan

            Can’t stop watching* it though. ;)

            I think it’s more of a “I can’t believe they did that” thing that keeps me engaged.

            Kinda in the same way that I Shazam music I hate a lot.

          3. ian-oh

            I did like Picard and the Klingan Warf, very good characters.

            Also enjoyed the Doc in the original, grumpy cant like meself!


          4. Junkface

            Didn’t Karl Marx mention in Das Kapital that in order to have a revolution they way he wanted, you must first have a great cull? That’s a genocide. (We know China and Russia stuck to that rule anyway.)

            I will have to check on that though, can’t fully remember if it was that book or another.

          5. Brother Barnabas

            no, he did not say that

            neither china nor ussr were communist and nobody with any understanding of it would argue otherwise

          6. ian-oh

            He also said that hammer and sickle jumpers were obligatory or you get sent to a Gulag.

            Explains the panic about the missing jumper.

          7. Junkface

            @Brother Barnabus
            I think China and Russia would beg to differ there. The CCP stands for the Chinese Communist Party.

            Also, if the communists can’t get communism right, who will?

          8. Brother Barnabas


            and the nazis called themselves the National Socialist Workers Party but they sure as fupp werent socialists

            and the Americans call their baseball lark the World Series etc etc

            doesnt matter what they called themselves

          9. millie bobby brownie

            I’d be very interested to hear what your understanding of socialism V communism is, Brother, beyond the textbook definitions and the different ways they have been applied.

            I have a brother living in China, and he certainly has a few interesting opinions on China a ‘communist’ country versus our own democratic Western values.

          10. Brother Barnabas

            all I’m saying is that neither cbina nor the USSR were communist

            cold war was pitted as capitalism v communism, but it never was. it was private capitalism (the west) v state capitalism (ussr)

      1. ian-oh

        Was there any items of clothing misplaced?

        Sounds like you had a Sultans of Ping FC moment there Junkface!

        ”My, brother, knows, Karl Marx,
        He met him eating mushrooms in the peoples park,
        He said ‘What do you think about my manifesto?’
        ‘I like a manifesto, put it to the test-o.”’

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