US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (left) has accused Senator Ted Cruz of “trying to get me killed” by challenging the election results in the lead up to the Capitol riot

A tea party Texan Ted Cruz
Surprisingly opted to choose
To side with AOC
But predictably she
Was quite quick to firmly refuse

John Moynes


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11 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. ian-oh

      Always find it amusing how some people seem to really detest AOC but when you ask what it is about her they don’t like they just go, um, well, she’s like, ya know, annoying.

      OK, good to see people making measured statements based on reasonable opposition to stated policies.

      But coprophages like Marjorie Taylor Greene make veiled death threats and she’s fine because she totes an AR15 and says stuff like y’all and waves a flag.


        1. ian-oh

          I always remember it from an episode of the X Files. Its a rather elegant way to call someone either a faeces eater or a cockroach or both.

          Avoids all the naughty word filters too and makes one look insightful, wordy and base all at once.

      1. Dr.Fart

        I have cousins in the USA and they were mocking AOC, calling her stupid etc., when I pressed them on why, they had the same non-weighted reasons. When I pressed a lil further it was simply because of her stance on climate change and wanting to cut down air travel.. my cousins are regular flyers. In general, people with hate and love politicians based on selfish wants. Never the bigger picture.

    2. Junkface

      Although I hate Ted Cruz with a passion, as he is a slimey troll, AOC has some problems too. She’s great on anti-corruption and issues that affect the working class, but she is a careerist who recently completely let down the progressive movement, by not stepping up on the #ForceTheVote movement for Medicare for all #M4A. Basically not playing political hardball with Nancy Pelosi by holding back her vote for her as speaker, unless she made the promises on M4A a reality. If you have the power in the House to help people get Medicare for all during a pandemic, why wouldn’t you play as hard and dirty as possible? That’s what the republicans do all of the time.

  1. ian-oh

    Well that guy who used to be the president did say that Cruz’s family have a history of killing people so she is probably right to be concerned.

    Unless….that guy was just saying stuff to get a rise out of people?

    But, no, surely not!

  2. Broadbag

    AOC is playing a very clever game, a very savvy operator, like a highly polished YouTube influencer drawing all the attention, can she get to the White House on a wave of young/woke/liberal support or is she just a bit too female/non-white/outspoken to drag enough core Democrat voters along with her?

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