11 thoughts on “Now Get The Dart

  1. JL

    I’m sure its grand but it looks really dodgy.

    Go in for a Covid test, wake up in a bathtub minus a kidney.

    1. benblack

      At least you wake up – let them take a kidney, but, don’t let them put you in an induced coma with a dodgy ventilator – based on dodgy science.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            “At its meeting on December 16, the committee agreed that the HSE should be called before it to explain its procurement spending during the early stages of the pandemic, with Sean Bresnan in particular also expected to attend. That meeting is scheduled for next month, although given the current virus restrictions that may change.” (from that article)

  2. Crocodile Dundalk

    The testing is dodgy so as per advertising rules and regs, the test centre has to look like a kip.

  3. G Spot

    So wha’.. Private testing is needed.. E.g. HSE didn’t have capacity to test close contacts for a while.. I know a couple of people who’ve used this & it was really useful.. & for people who want peace of mind.. It’s not billing itself as PCR..

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