He Put The Clampers Outside


Owen Keegan, former Director of Traffic Dublin City Council,in 2003

Boo, hiss.

The council is seeking approval from councillors to introduce a 12-month pilot scheme to allow fixed-charge notices to be issued to motorists whose vehicles are blocking bus lanes, cycle paths, clearways and access to driveways.

It is also proposed that such on-the-spot fines will be issued for vehicles parked on footpaths and non-commercial vehicles parked in loading bays, as well as illegally-parked coaches and buses.

In a report to be discussed at a meeting of the council’s traffic and transport committee next week, council officials will outline how clamping vehicles parked illegally in bus and cycles lanes as well as clearways is not the preferred option as it ensures the disruption continues until the owner returns, pays a release fee of €80 and the clamp is removed

Took your bleedin’ time.

Motorists in Dublin city could face fines instead of clamping (Irish Times)


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6 thoughts on “He Put The Clampers Outside

    1. Conksi

      who no one voted for.
      and doesn’t have to answer to anyone.
      Gis a directed elected accountable mayor there boss…

  1. I Madam x

    Traffic on Malahide rd backed up at 5 pm each weekday. Pedestrian lights taking 30 seconds to change when they should be set at 11 seconds approx. Since 2008 they have not changed. No wonder we have gridlock. The sad thing this man by failure has climbed the promotion ladder. Remember his handling of Garth Brooks concerts.

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