Werner Herzog: On Skateboarding


Film director Werner Herzog, who knows little or nothing about skateboards, was not an obvious choice of interviewee for Ian Michna of skateboard magazine Jenkem, but he turned out to be a kindred spirit (of sorts) and it’s always a pleasure to hear that accent. Asked what music he would use to score a skateboarding sequence he sez:

What comes to mind first and foremost would be Russian Orthodox church choirs, something that creates this kind of strange feeling of space and sacrality — so what you are doing is special, bordering the sacred.

You should hear what he says about chickens.


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5 thoughts on “Werner Herzog: On Skateboarding

  1. Tarfton Clax

    Genuinely interesting piece. Someone who cares about something talking to someone else who understands that idea of caring bout something and recognising the sacral nature of it. Just the way to start the week. Thanks.

  2. Gabby

    Werner Herzog did a fascinating documentary on tribal people in a forest area near a river in eastern Siberia who trap wild animals for their skins and observe old shamanic practices.

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