Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle


Dublin city centre

This morning.

According to a Hastings Hotels romance survey of 16,000 people….

…Bernice Burnside writes:

Almost a third of single women in Ireland say lockdown has made them realise how much they enjoy their own company and do not need a partner.

But as level five restrictions continue to keep singletons apart, only 15% of men feel the same way.

24% of single men are using online dating more, twice the number of single women (12%) logging on for love….

With the Republic and Northern Ireland both bound by tough Covid restrictions until at least March 5, the loss of our social lives has made 32% of unattached women realise they are happily single and don’t need to meet someone, over double that of men (15%).



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8 thoughts on “Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    I saw an interesting study on people dating on the second time round – seniors, basically the ladies love living alone and often have richer social lives etc, they only want to date for the odd dinner and movie etc., they don’t want responsibility of a man ” to take care of “, where as the older fella wants to find someone to move in with, don’t have much social lives without a lady or manage things well in general…that’s what the study said

    1. ian-oh

      Interesting and appears has definitely touched on something, my wife’s friends father is widowed a few years and has been on dating sites for seniors for a while. She asked him what he has in his profile for what he is looking for in a woman and he said ‘replacement wife’.

      No wonder he isn’t having much luck!

      I have heard of loads of cases of widowed fathers driving their kids mad because they have no idea how to fend for themselves. Quite tragic but they are adults so need to cop on.


      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        oh dear, that made me laugh,
        my mum broke her collar bone recently and my Dad discovered the hoover and the oven along with the use of both his hands, apart from the attitude of thinking he deserved a medal , I asked him sure how would you manage if Mum was gone, what do you think I have two daughters for says he, I may have threatened to bump him off early.

  2. bertie blenkinsop

    I’ve often said to Lady Bertie, “If you’re gonna leave me, please do it while I have a fighting chance of meeting somebody else!”

    Who said romance was dead, eh….

    1. Brother Barnabas

      exactly !

      the very ones who loudly proclaim who happy they are to be single are invariably sobbing into their gin three hours later

      women need and want male attention – it’s the most primary, magnetic force within them

      *grabs coat and runs for the door*

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