Quantifying The Losses


The four test actions were taken by Dublin bars Aberken, trading as Sinnotts Bar; Hyper Trust Ltd, trading as ‘The Leopardstown Inn’ and ‘Inn on Hibernian Way’ Ltd trading as Lemon & Duke. The fourth action was taken by Leinster Overview Concepts Ltd the owner of Sean’s Bar, which is based in Athlone, Co Westmeath.

This morning.

The High Court has ruled that four pub owners are entitled to be compensated by insurer FBD for the disruption their businesses suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Mr Justice Denis McDonald found that a policy sold by FBD covered losses the pubs sustained by having to close due to the global health emergency.

He disagreed with FBD’s interpretation of its policy and said cover is not lost where the closure is prompted by nationwide outbreaks of disease provided that there is an outbreak within the 25 mile radius and that outbreak is one of the causes of the closure

The issue of quantifying the losses, the judge said will be dealt with at a later date.


Court rules pubs entitled to insurance over Covid closures (RTÉ)

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7 thoughts on “Quantifying The Losses

    1. Johnny

      …his old man was a piece work,he’s gonna lose this and all his pubs,it’s an act of god a national disaster,the problem in NY,for these vulture funds/private equity backed groups,is they don’t want throw good money after bad,if he’s relying on a insurance pay out or govt handout,he’s finished.
      He’s gonna lose everything,unless the govt uses your money bail him out.
      Would you invest in him ?


      In other words a obnoxious chain smoking d*ick and bully who stank of nicotine.

      -A large man with an imposing presence who prepared for cases meticulously, Cooney was an intimidating cross-examiner of opponents and witnesses. He was, colleagues noted, at his most threatening when he lowered his deep, powerful voice-

  1. johnny

    ..cutting edge or bleeding edge,ok ok going workout,but these goys….are you really going bail them out,after NAMA.

    In the rugby set, brothers Rob and Dave Kearney [now known as ‘the Kearnashians’], former Leinster star Eoin O’Malley, Irish players Jamie Heaslip and Sean O’Brien, Gordon D’Arcy and former captain Brian O’Driscoll are investing in the new edgier Dublin.”


  2. Geraldo

    In the uk the government fought the insurance business. In Ireland you are on your own.
    We dont even have an Insurance Regulator, its lumped into the utterly useless government managed central bank.

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