9 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

    1. Matt Fitzpatrick

      Nah, not even close. The place has yanks up to the rafters.

      Hostels in Ireland just calls it that.

      For some reason.

  1. Harry Warren

    A beautiful low res photo, suitable for web use, that pretty much follows basic photography rules. Nice to see a Winter photo of Connemara

  2. Johnny

    …the future is now,can’t wait get to get my hands on one,its gonna radically change how we live in America.
    If Starlink,and yes it’s a big IF takes off,living year round in a place like above,while functioning at a high level becomes real.The Hamptons and Berkshire’s are absolutely packed,Brooklyn is a really quiet and Manhattan is a ghost town.


    How’s Deadbeat Dennis doing laying down some outdated fat cable,it’s environmental terrorism.

  3. Emma O

    Ah yes, Connemara… that hidden gem that only locals know about. Yet to be discovered by tourists! In this case “we” = the one person who operates Hostels Ireland’s twitter account and literally nobody else.

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