A Voice In The Wilderness


“Labour has to consider what the lockdowns are doing to people’s minds and to people’s heads….you don’t realise that because you are far removed from what is going on in rural Ireland….do you want to keep them in the wilderness, is that what this is all about?”

This afternoon.

The Dáil at the Convention Centre, Dublin.

Independent Kerry TD Danny Healy Rae rails against the Labour Party’s National Aggressive Suppression Strategy Bill.

Calling it “Zero Covid by another name”, Labour leader Alan Kelly had earlier told deputies:

“We want to suppress and destroy the virus and basically ensure that we get it down so low to double digits that we can give Ireland the chance that 2021 will be different from 2020, because the people are at the end of their tether, and they need it.”

Labour wants Government to admit ‘Living with Covid’ plan is a failure (Irish Examiner)



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29 thoughts on “A Voice In The Wilderness

  1. Stephen

    If anything I would think people in rural Ireland have it better in that they have better access to the countryside which many in the city do not. There is no advantage to being in the city as everywhere is closed anyway.
    Why turn it into a rural vs city argument?

  2. Shane O'Quinn

    The Healy Raes are the only people (alongside Michael McNamara) who stand up for the real working class: the people who own and operate SMES.

    Meanwhile our ‘frontline’ elite of nurses and guards do dances on TikTok and look for MORE money while businesses stay closed and rents fall.

        1. Rob_G

          Mental health is only ever trotted out by the-Healy Raes when they perceive it as protecting their takings as vinters (letting oul lads drink drive for ‘mental health’, opening pubs in the pandemic for ‘mental health’, etc).

        2. ce

          Metal Health..

          …of the autistic kids and their families who have been locked in houses for most of a year while many in the country are giving out that they can’t go to the pub… etc.

          It’s awful for everybody in different ways. But I never heard a Vinter (or actually any noticeable business group for that matter, open to correction on this) arguing that a proper – and properly resourced – suppression strategy should be adopted in order that the domestic economy could open and trade. Instead we have groups lobbying for everything to be ‘normal’ or to have exceptions made without any notion/admission of the consequences that such exceptions will bring. So until we adopt such a strategy we’ll have some manner of strong to severe restrictions and we’ll just keep burning through borrowed money….. which in the medium and long term will play havoc with… MENTAL HEALTH… frankly, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  3. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    In addition to the excellent moniker for Leo as “the Minister for Beer Gardens”, Labour SD and SF raise very valid points.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    The Healy Raes need the working class to make money for them. Those pubs and petrol pumps won’t drink themselves!

    1. ian-oh

      And the Dublin meedja who have a tendency to try to make the Healy Rae’s look bad by reporting the things they actually said or did.

      Its just meanness, begrudgery and spite I tell you.

      Just because they say stuff, doesn’t mean people need to actually report on it FFS.

      Poor old Healy Rae’s can’t catch a break.

  5. Mr. T

    Labour are very clearly not working class – nor will they ever get a vote from that ‘class’ again

  6. ian-oh

    Not a fan of labour but he’s not wrong.

    Jackie Senior used to constantly take the train then claim mileage for driving to and from Dublin.

    The Healy Rae way. Then blame everyone else and accuse them of being ignorant of ‘rural matters’.

    Scum, pure and simple, like that other criminal Lowry.

      1. paddy apathy

        Free travel for over 65s, Jackie born 1931, first elected to Dáil in 1997. Shure he never paid a penny and shtill claimed expenses.

      2. ian-oh

        Totally agree GG, Zappone learned how to juggle the expenses first.

        She also learned creative route planning as well – good riddance to her.

  7. Gabby

    The Healy Raes have funny accents, but they speak for the oppressed rural SME proletariat. So put that in yer urban marxist analysis pipes and smoke it comrades. And please don’t quote Trotsky or Mao.

      1. Gabby

        Some family proprietors of SMEs work harder than their hired employees, hence I call them rural proletariat.

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