Bring On The Night


Last night.

In case you missed it.

Broadsheet on the Telly, featuring clockwise from top left: Host Neil Curran, Sharon Lawless, Vanessa Foran and Jimmy Smyth.

Neil  writes:

Sharon Lawless of Flawless Films joined us to talk (@ 3 minutes) about one of Ireland most controversial unsolved murders, Fr. Niall Molloy. Sharon has spent the past four years producing an upcoming documentary on the subject which will be broadcast on RTÉ in April.

We also had a new feature from Vanessa, Room 2.101 (@ 1 hr 40 seconds), where we put a known figure in somewhat of quarantine hotel room, ask them the hard questions and answer on their behalf. This week Leo Varadkar is under the spotlight…

Last night: Staying In Tonight?

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One thought on “Bring On The Night

  1. Lilly

    I don’t agree with Vanessa that people behave out of character where money is concerned. If they surprise you, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention.

    If people, such as Brian Lenihan Snr were still in the house, it suggests the party was still going on so plenty of people would have witnessed the commotion. It’s amazing that no decent soul has come out of the woodwork over the years to give the Molloy family some answers.

    Why was Richard Flynn selling off land to his wife and Fr Molloy instead of just getting a mortgage? My guess is he did the deed but that it was murder (in cahoots with another) rather than manslaughter – and he got away with it.

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