Leave Him Alone You Monster


He’s only ickle.

This afternoon.

Lanky psycho ref Darren Drysdale has apologised for squaring uplast night  to compact 5ft 7ins Republic of Ireland and Ipswich midfielder Alan Judge (top).

After menacingly ghosting a ‘Glasgow Kiss’ toward Judge, the bald headcase then booked him, enlivening an otherwise dull goalless draw against Northampton.



One question: Can you see the f**king sky?’

An uncharacteristically shorn and lairy-looking Niall Quinn on the telly last night.


Via Highland Paddy

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14 thoughts on “Leave Him Alone You Monster

  1. Marguerite Tronçonneuse

    Referees should have permission to bate the tar out of 1 player per match. That would put manners on the primadonnas.

    1. Brother Barnabas


      but why just referees

      we all should have the right to slap the jaw loose on 1 person per month

      and no requirement to justify afterwards – could be just “I dont like his pants”

        1. Charger Salmons

          It would be like the first day of the sales at Mothercare and you’d be leading the charge Bertie …

          1. Charger Salmons

            Oh, I don’t know, I can just imagine Bertie all flailing elbows and swinging man-bag shouting ” this way to the babygrows sistas ” …

  2. Charger Salmons

    In cricket this would lend itself to the caption The Umpire Strikes Back.

    Unfortunately it isn’t and it doesn’t so I won’t get me coat.

  3. Dr.Fart

    the manager having a squinny over it is the worst bit (did you put your head in my player?) like it’s not something that his players do week in week out. footballers are the biggest moany-holes, see how after he squared up, all the other players squared up to him? but thats not mentioned because theyre allowed do it. horrible sport.

  4. Optimus Grime

    Funnily enough I was thinking where Alan Judge was the other day, he played for Blackburn over two different spells, and lo and behold up he pops get into barneys with a ref

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