Wasn’t Bjorn Yesterday







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11 thoughts on “Wasn’t Bjorn Yesterday

  1. george

    Sure, sure. How has Sweden done compared with it’s Nordic neighbors?
    and when is Pence getting arrested?

    1. Micko

      There is no real reason we can figure out (right now) as to why some countries performed better than others and we need to stop comparing countries.

      But if you want to – here’s a “For Example” for ya.

      When you look at ‘deaths per million’ – Sweden performs WAY better (and worse) than other countries that had lockdowns.

      With Sweden in 23rd worst place globally – 23rd in deaths per million!

      Countries ahead of them in deaths per million include:

      Belgium (3), UK (5), Italy(7), Portugal (9), USA, (10), Hungary (12), France (22) and Spain (14).

      All performing worse than Sweden and ALL had lockdowns and enforced public behaviour.

      So, comparing them to their nearest neighbours and saying “LOOK OVER HERE” is a bit silly.

      No one knows why Sweden did better then these countries in deaths per million – but they did.

      Point is, you can pick and chose a statistic to prove your point if you want.
      Anyway, did anyone see Leo on the telly last night – we’ve WAY worse problems here that we need to focus on FFS

    2. Raymond

      Hi George. Leave aside how Sweden did compared to its neighbours for a moment. How did their graphs roll over? How did numbers start to decline?

  2. Jake38

    So why did we have 8,000 cases a day 2 weeks after Christmas and 700 yesterday. What do you think caused that reduction? Magic?

    1. Just Sayin

      It’s called seasonality, it’s what causes flu deaths to fall after every January (and without any lockdown)
      See Jan 2017 or January 2018 for good examples of this.

      Regular old fashioned flu killed more people in those months that covid did in any month (April 2020 was it’s best month), but each February the flu magically went away.

      HINT covid will magically go away too (just like it did last summer) but we will be told it was the masks/lockdown/vaccine wot did it.

      Most people are stupid enough to actually believe that.

  3. Nigel

    ‘swallowed the false media narrative’

    This has become the new ‘sheeple.’ An actual in depth analysis of media reporting and framing across a range of outlets would help justify the sentiment, if not the statement, which is intended not to critique media narratives but to fallaciously undermine sceptics of your own narrative. It also tends to be used against those who are persuaded that the pendmic is a real threat and that public health measures need to be taken, independant of whther the measures themsleves have been deployed competently or effectively, without ever being turned on the reporting and framing of the most prominent covid-skeptic media outlets, most notably Fox or OANN in the US or Tory-friendly newspapers in the UK. irish media has been succesfully reduced to a bit of a sad husk, but in general they’re not guilty of both-sidesing it. The other notable feature of this kind of covd-skeptic narrative is the ‘I am a martyr for speaking out’ framing which causes eyes to roll so hard it causes brain injury.

    1. alickdouglas

      Indeed, lots of people keen on evidence based decision making not keen to put the thought or work into tricky analyses like media reporting.

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