Hello you!

As you probably know, many images are not visible on the site, rendering it all but impossible to post. Sorry.

We have been tackling DNS/Clouflare issues overnight. We hope to resolve all of them shortly

Thanks for your patience.

*weeps softly*

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31 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Clampers Outside

    Ahhhh… OK, thought it was my phone/app.

    If of any use to your tech crew. .. I unistalled app and then reinstalled, and rebooted phone… Huawei p30 lite.

  2. dav

    Have Bodgers teas gotten into the motherboard and short-circuited things?
    It would be grand if it brought Number Five to life, but not so grand if it messes up the clouds.
    I’m not a techie but perhaps you could download more RAM?

  3. kerryview

    I’m no techie, so I’m kinda happy that this happens to experts. Maybe I should say reassured. Best of luck getting everything sorted. BS is a little haven in a sea of trouble.

      1. paddy apathy

        Thanks V. Was becoming a staple Thursday night thing for me.
        Sure it’s Lent.
        I’ll give it up for a week and that’s about all I can manage.

          1. paddy apathy

            Interesting concept, great opener with Leo. I kinda on the night sided with Jimmy and Neil although you made some compelling points.

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