Government sources have told The Irish Times that Level 5 restrictions will stay until April

Instead of spokespeople who speak
Our leaders have leakers who leak
It’s just how they choose
To handle bad news
Without tarnishing their mystique

John Moynes



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15 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Frank

    How is Revenue going to remunerate us for the loss of employment while home schooling our kids?
    There’s much talk about the claw back on PUP payments but nothing about tax credits for having to abandon employment to school our kids

  2. Micko

    The first reply to that tweet above is a typical “well if people followed the rules we wouldn’t be in this mess” moan.

    The gov has so successfully split the public on this that it’s impossible to come together on anything.

    Lockdown has been a goldmine for some people and absolute torture for others. Many have been terrified into not leaving their homes and when they do, their anxiety is palpable.

    So much so that when someone points out the terrible way the gov communicate to us, the first reply back is one blaming others for the situation.

    Well done FFFG. Putin would be proud.

    1. Nigel

      Roast the government for anything you like, but it’s not really their fault athat in a post-truth world a bunch of people who don’t like a solution can straight up decide to believe that there is no problem. I’d say Putin is particularly proud of that, actually.

          1. Micko

            Hmmm Reminds me of that thing doing the rounds.

            “We are not “ALL IN THE SAME BOAT”
            We are all in the same STORM

            Some of us are in yachts, some are in a dinghy
            and some are drowning.”

          2. Nigel

            Genuinely sorry that society didn’t acheive full equality before the pandemic hit. Hopefully people will have copped on about shoring up the more important and vulnerable sections of society for when the next entirely predictable crisis hits.

            You might be surprised at the overlap of people complaining about the crisis response with people who oppose preparations for predictable forthcoming crises.

          3. Micko

            Full equality? Nothing to do with it.

            My mates an absolute genius solicitor and only moved to a new fancy firm in Dec 2019.

            By end of April 2020 he was out on his ass. Less than 6 months there. He’s now on the PUP and doesn’t know when he’ll work again. .

            It’s nothing to with equality before the pandemic. It’s just luck if the draw as to who gets hit and who doesn’t.

            Those who aren’t being hit don’t care as they are saving a fortune and biding their time while others are worrying about paying their bills.

          4. Nigel

            That’s rough, but when this is all over people will still need solicitors, so it’s not the roughest, and he is being supported by the state. I suspect the percentage of people who are riding this out in comfort and ease and security is vanishingly small.

  3. Paul Davis

    The real shame is lockdown makes no difference, Look at California vs Florida.

    Locking everyone up is all for nothing.

    The more liberal the area the more they lockdown.

  4. Shay Ving

    Irish people should be furious that they had to lockdown for so long yet somehow the government couldn’t put proper restrictions on people entering the country.
    Covid should have been eliminated from Ireland a long time ago.
    Then Irish residents should have been able to socialise together in safety.
    But for some reason, people were allowed to enter the country without being properly quarantined for 14 days.
    So, everyone sacrificed so much for absolutely nothing.

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