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    1. GiggidyGoo

      There is a certain cohort who are obsessed with Varadkar not being put under the microscope. Now, that’s weird and should be embarrassing.

    2. goldenbrown

      nope, nothing weird or embarrassing about it whatsoever

      that situation is far from resolved and I’m delighted to see their continued pursuit of this utter sociopath

      1. Paddy’s bucks

        It’s personal and it’s funded by frat boy paddy cosgrave. They could attack the government on loads of things but they instead go for their usually Gemma Doherty style of reporting. It is embarrassing

        1. goldenbrown

          Varadker did something really bad here
          any other politician would’ve been sacked
          he knows it, everyone knows it but yet here we are with him still in high office cruising along at our expense, bottom line for me is he hasn’t remotely received his comeuppance (yet) so I say carry on Village, just desserts, happy days, the gutter awaits!

    3. Seamus Maye

      I believe Village’s persuit of the Leo Varadkar story is all about accountability and exposing corruption. Well done to Village.

  1. GiggidyGoo

    So, who will decide whether the leaking of confidential government documents was illegal or not?

    Nice photo of the non-friends

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    One thing about what the Village is reporting on Leo that we should also read

    Is that Leo Varadkar cannot maintain or protect a Confidence, or Confidential Information

    Not only would I not trust him with my patient file
    I wouldn’t trust him to sit on a Board of Directors

    So the Nomination Committees and the Head Hunters of all those big ticket six figure sexy Directorships + expenses + share options, that would appeal to Leo, and vice versa
    Should take note
    Leo Varadkar may not maintain the confidential seal of the Board Room
    NDAs, sensitive patents or embargoed announcements, or legal settlements
    All that touchy stuff that only Board Directors are privy to
    Just saying

    Then there’s the releasing of confidential information to someone not entitled to it
    And then that person who was not entitled to that information, uses that information, to exploit for gain, personal professional or financial, even use it as leverage
    Is Insider Trading
    Now I know the various set ups and higher ups here in Ireland don’t give’ah hoot about all that
    White Collar Crime n’ what have ya
    But tis Prison and seizure of everything worth hanging onto / Bankruptcy stuff, more or less in other duristictions

    Everyone would do well to remember Leo Varadkar was also a former Minister for Defence – what kinda intelligence stuff (seriously messing aside now) did Leo Varadkar have in his hands?
    I reckon his term of office needs to be audited
    Don’t ye?

    stay tuned – I’ll take this further

  3. John F

    The deliberate leaking of classified sensitive information was morally wrong, if not totally illegal. Leo is one of the most tech savvy and socially aware politicians this country has seen in a long time. Hence the massive public relations or propaganda spend of his last government to shift narratives along desired lines.
    Already, his sycophants and loyalists are going hell for leather defending him in every comments section in the land. Doing all they can to stifle further debate and discussion on the matter.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the green jersey defense is played at some point next week. You know, people saying that because the man is scheduled be the countries Taoiseach soon any more investigations into this matter or other related matters would be damaging to the country.
    So ultimately, I don’t think anything will happen over this. If you’re the right person, in the right circles and of the right political persuasion, white-collar crime is totally legal.
    Accountability is just for peasants.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      Same here, John F

      I can’t see anything happening to Leo either

      Not even the party will squirm and try and shift him for Cimple Simon
      They’re all steadying up and firming up with a defense that will be very sound with one signal, and it’ll look like this …

      Who the hell do ye think ye are to be questioning us about Probity and Integrity, Conflict of Interest n’ such stuff….. We’re Fine Gael Ministers, Representatives, Judges, Families etc.. we’re beyond being accountable to the likes of you …. take that finger pointing and aim it at Sinn Fein

      I predict tomorrow’s papers with have a solid backstop of
      They’re all rules, regulations and standards *to keep anyone not us in their rightful place
      And by next week’s get-togethers around Montrose studio setups, it’ll end up looking like Humanity has been crossed
      For real this time (◠‿◕)

      And then it'll be back to #CheatersCheatUsAll

      * We’ve actually witnessed a new Realm / Estate being established btw.
      Something for me to take further mebbe

  4. The Beef Baron

    The funny thing is Leo has already failed. After the last election his intention was to move up and out of Ireland into an EU commissioner role, ideally something Biz and Tech related. He had feelers out everywhere. The insiders in the EU had already seen his mediocrity and his lack of suitability for the next level. Any chance he had of getting into that club was further spiked by big Phil, who hates Varadkar and vice versa. Now we’re stuck with Leo and he’s stuck with us. And this kind of lacklustre iPhone espionage is about the height of the powers of a man who’s all scheme and no steam.

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