Blocking A Victim


Damien Hetherington outside the Central Criminal Court last week after the sentencing of paedophile rugby coach John McClean. Damien was abused by McClean in 1973 at Terenure College when he was 12-years-old


Good times.

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8 thoughts on “Blocking A Victim

      1. johnny

        (‘rock outhalf on SCT,then UCD on a scholarship,where McClean played him as center,depending on who’s telling it,changing the course of irish rugby,.. oh he hardly knew that coach)

        1. Johnny

          Sorry just to clarify that would be a “sport’ scholarship,probably bit unnecessary emphasizing it was non academic,given his public persona,anyway they pretty much at the discretion of the head coach,he’d select the lucky schoolboy(s),in this case,McClean,it’s like a film noir characters name for a predator,who held your career in his hands….

  1. Dr.Fart

    whats the deal with modern Ireland protecting the criminal Ireland of the past? theres this, and then the commission for mother and baby homes. what the hell do they have to benefit from protecting ancient pedos and abusers?

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe where willies are irrelevant

        + a great bunch of lads
        any criticism is unpatriotic !

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