Compromised System Response


From top: today’s Irish Daily Mail; HSE CEO Paul Reid and Anne O’Connor, Chief Operations Officer, HSE at Dr Steevens’ Hospital for the weekly HSE operational update this afternoon

This afternoon.

HSE briefing at Dr Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin.

HSE CEO Paul Reid addressed an Irish Daily Mail report this morning from a whistleblower who claims thousands of people who had been vaccinated have had their personal data compromised.

The whistleblower said IT system being used by the HSE was compromised and patients’ confidential data was accessible.


In relation to a Irish Daily Mail report, Paul Reid said they have ongoing discussions with the data protection commissioner.

He said the first stage is the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) which would have been a similar process they worked through in relation to testing and tracing – what levels of access for data, what levels of controls.

He said it was similar in terms of deployment of the IT system for the vaccine rollout. As part of that, he said there are different phases of control processes, and processes for deployment of that system.

“It’s a national system because there are people going into various locations – hospital groups, community organisations, vaccination centres – they’re not from a particular hospital or community organisation. So we always envisaged the processes were always defined that it would be a national view in the first instance.”

He said that when they move to vaccination centres, it’s expected the control view will be who is to be administered in that centre. Right now it is on a national basis, he said, and control processes are around as people are administered onto the system .

He said he is not aware of the case reported in the Daily Mail.



Latest Covid-19 briefing from the HSE (RTÉ)

Thousands have highly personal details exposed in COVID-19 vaccine data breach (


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