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Almost 60% of people say their mental health has been impacted by the pandemic, with younger people more likely to have experienced recent difficulties with their well-being.

The fifth Social Impact of Covid-19 survey, from the Central Statistics Office, gives an insight into the way people’s lives have changed in the last year.

The research – based on an online questionnaire with 1,621 people earlier this month – shows over 15% said they were downhearted or depressed “all or most of the time”, in the four weeks before the survey.

This compares with a figure of 5.5% in a similar study last April during the first wave.

…Life satisfaction is described as “low” by over 40% of those surveyed.

Female respondents were more likely to feel lonely or report that their mental health and well-being had been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Nearly 60% say mental health hit by pandemic – CSO (RTÉ)

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7 thoughts on “Hidden Cost

    1. ce

      If only we had a functioning health service that could deal with more hospitalisations from Coivd… oh wait even countries with fantastic health services can’t cope… or we could even just ‘protect the venerable’ by locking them up and destroying their mental health… which we’re doing anyway… hmmm…

      I wonder what else we could have done to avoid protracted lockdowns while also protecting people’s health (including mental health), the domestic economy etc…

      oh wait, why try to do difficult things when it’s easier to say all the things we can’t do and then give out that we’re locked down and obsessed with reducing cover numbers so our health service doesn’t collapse

      Or maybe Bill Gates is just pulling our leg with his wacky, wacky virus and now his wacky, wacky vaccine…

    1. spud

      yeah, who the heck hasnt been affected in some way?

      I mean, I’m taking all the positives – still have my job, no commute, lots of time with my family, a newborn so wife off work and able to mind the kids and we’r really enjoying new sense of work / life balance.
      But I’ve still hit bad patches with the lockdown and it’s various restrictions.

      1. Just Sayin

        just wait till your taxes go up to pay for all the crappy PPE from China, the useless ventillators, the neverending PUP payments, huge vaccine orders from multiple companies (hey gov we only have 4 million people here) the Garda overtime for all those roadblocks etc…

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