The ‘electric option’ will be available to annual subscribers for an additional €60 per annum

This morning.

Via Dublin City Council:

Dublin City Council, JCDecaux and the National Transport Authority (NTA) have today announced that the NOW TV dublinbikes scheme will be enhanced with the upgrade of 50% of the fleet of 1,600 to hybrid electric bikes, commencing on March 30 when the first batch of e-dublinbikes will be launched.  The bikes can also be operated as a regular pedal bike when the personal battery is not in use.

The electric option will be available to annual subscribers for an additional €60 per annum.  Existing subscribers can choose to add the e-dublinbikes option to their current subscription.


…what about the battery?

The personal battery is completely portable and allows subscribers to benefit from electrical assistance for up to 8km per charge when using an e-dublinbike. It comes with a charger, measures less than 170mm and weighs 530 grams so it can easily fit in a jacket pocket or small bag. It is equipped with a micro USB-C port and can be used as an external battery to charge mobile phones or tablets when not being used on a bike.

Fair enough.

Dublin Bikes

Pic: Fennell Photography

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23 thoughts on “E’s Are Good

  1. Clampers Outside

    50% wha’? Dublin is not a hilly city ffs.
    And a bike is not just a convenient get about, but a means of exercise… 50% is too many, I’d say.

      1. Rob_G

        It will help in encouraging some people who have not maybe tried to cycle around the city to do so. And maybe once they have tried and seen how quick and effortless, might start cycling unassisted and, who knows, maybe then get a bike of their own.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Wait… never mind, you don’t need to go with the detachable / portable battery… carry on :)

    2. Stephen

      The point of the Dublin Bikes is they are a convenient way to get about the exercise is a secondary advantage not the primary purpose.
      If it encourages more people to use them then its a good idea.
      Personally I like the idea of electrically assisted bikes, I don’t cycle and am not that fit, so the idea of having an extra helping hand when pulling off at junctions and not becoming a sweaty mess appeals to me.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        fair enough, and see your point

        but if these enable people who arent used to cycling- and cycling in the centre of town isnt ideal for inexperienced cyclists- to go a lot faster, that’s maybe dangerous

        and, from what I can see, dublin bikes users rarely wear helmets

        1. Rob_G

          In terms of keeping cyclists safe, protected infrastructure is far, far more important than helmets (also, there is evidence to suggest that cyclists wearing helmets makes motorists behave more aggressively towards them).

          People should be clamouring for better cycling infrastructure, not demanding that cyclists wearing helmets and hi-vis as being somehow a substitute for it (they are even starting to make children wear hi-vis when walking down the street, which I find genuinely obscene).

    3. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      For tourists, the electric bike or scooter is essentially a convenient way to get around. It’s a long walk from Trinity to Guinness’s. Not everyone wants a work-out on holiday. ‘Dublin, the Theme Park’ will be back eventually, and electrified by the sounds of it.

    4. Nigel

      Actually, no. A bike is primarily a means to get about, and while many people use them for exercise, and exercise is a great side benefit, they are first and foremost a means of transportation, and have to be seen as such in terms of promoting their use and developing infrastructure. They’re not a hobby, though they can be, they’re not for work-outs, though they can be, they are for getting from A to B. Anything that makes bikes easier and more convenient and accessible for getting people about is a good thing. That’s a mind-set that needs to change.

  2. TypeONegative

    I usually sign up for the local Dublin Bike equivalent when on holiday for a week or two, pedal-assisted bikes are just an incredibly practical method of getting about. It really opens up a city and the boost to your pedalling power feels like cycling as a kid again when you had seemingly unlimited energy to burn. You’re still working, but it just makes it a little easier. I’d buy my own but they’re so expensive.

    All I’m saying is don’t knock it til you try it!

  3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    sure where would you be going with no bell on your bike but your knickers wringing

  4. Wrong Charger

    I’ll stick with my horse, thank you very much.
    I don’t want to end up waking up in a ditch.

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