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  1. Charger Salmons

    The Guardian highlights a worrying rise in the number of black victims and perpetrators of murder in the UK climbing to their highest level in two decades.
    In the year to March 2020,15% of all homicide victims were black while only 3% of the general population are black.
    21% of convicted suspects were black.
    It’s not clear whether police decisions to suspend traditional stop and search procedures, particularly in London, have any bearing on the figures.

    1. Scundered

      Statistics Sadiq Khan will be proud of, instead of letting cops focus on putting the brakes on black on black crime. Am sure the Guardian will still try and find a way to ignore the elephant in the room though.

    2. Oro

      Yes, shocking that violent crime is perpetrated to a higher degree by and towards social groups that are economically disadvantaged. Until the economic disparity is treated and wealth is distributed more evenly this won’t change. Of course the glaring (yet curiously under-explored) statistic is that males commit 95%+ of homicides. Would you be searched without complaint based on the actions of your sex? Half of women murdered are killed by their male parter or ex-partner. Perhaps the police should check in on your spouse once in a while as a risk-avoidance process. Maybe this would have some bearing on the figures.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Asians are amongst the worst off economically among the BAME community in the UK yet they don’t figure extensively in these spiralling murder rates.
        Likewise EU economic migrants from the former Eastern bloc countries.
        It’s about drugs, gangs, territory and a weapons culture found extensively amongst the black community coupled with politically-hamstrung policing in Mayor Khan’s London.
        A high percentage of single parent families with no father figure present is also thought to be a signicant reason why young black men appear to be killing each other in huge numbers.
        Gangs become the substitute family unit.
        To suggest these figures are purely economic driven is arrant nonsense.

        1. Oro

          Mmm actually there is an elevated rate within the Asian community also – did you bother to read it at all before you rushed to comment?

          Also citing gangs presence within black communities and suggesting that isn’t linked to economic disadvantage is arrant nonsense to borrow your own phraseology.

          You ignored my comments re this being a sex based problem. I wonder why (I don’t). Easier to blame black culture than all of a sudden be part of the problem non?

        2. V aka Frilly Keane

          more of it there now lah’
          Last week t’was a long term Columnist and Lovvie, Dan Boyle
          Today its Charage

          Role models come in all shapes n’ sizes
          even Genders, or even no Gender at all

          Like Leadership
          they can appear anywhere,
          within an organisation, a family, a community, a class room

          Seriously, its 2021 Broadsheet
          or at least be honest – rebrand
          and be done with it

          1. Best friends forever

            Thanks V
            The pointless contributions of Salmons have very much become an appalling vista

          2. Charger Salmons

            Linking to a Guardian article is an ” appalling vista ” ?
            My word, what a limp wallflower you are.
            May I suggest Mumsnet for a happier hunting ground to be less offended ?
            Bless …

      2. scundered

        Car insurance works on this model, males have a history of bad driving behaviour, its ok to focus on where the problem is as thats the only way you will fix it

    1. Tinytim

      There has been more discussion than ever about how people should learn critical thinking and other methods to figure out facts from stories or nonsense etc.

      This should be used as an example with school kids on how media can reframe the news in order to make a sale. The headlines all but lie in an effort to suggest that the object that will help their sale,lady gaga, was directly involved – rather than on another continent. As weird/horrible as it must be for Ryan Fischer ( the dog walker that was shot) the story itself is probably less relevant to, say, any Irish person than bank of Ireland announcing reduction of 50% of its branches.

    2. Junkface

      Stealing dogs is such a nasty crime. Is it a reflection of people’s financial desperation, or just a result of the massive wealth gaps in society? Why has it become so popular in the last 5 or 6 years? It’s strange.

    1. SB

      It always annoys me to hear of that used as an excuse. Motorists need to drive for the conditions. If you can’t see, use your visor and slow down, or stop

  2. Joe

    How dare Dan Boyle on “Tomorrow Tonight” puke smug condescending verbal sewage, saying that the multiple oposition parties TD’s honourably representing the victims of the Mother and Baby homes, requesting on behalf of the victims an extension of the Commission of Investigation is “political point scoring” is abhorrent beyond belief! Even for Boyle its a new low and BS should dump him as a columnist.
    Catherine Corless sliced and diced that obnoxious little man Roderic “Whitewash” O’Gorman in the Dail his lies and excuses. The sooner the execrable Greenwash party are dumped from office the better.

    1. Shayna

      To be fair, Joe, I watched it live – his opinions were his opinions – not a reflection on BS. I thought John, markedly restrained, proper broadcaster there.

      1. ciaran

        Don’t think Joe was insinuating that it was a reflection on BS (I could be wrong) just looking for him to be dumped as a columnist.

        As for the Green party.. what did anybody seriously expect in fairness. They have shown what they are about many times before. Eamon Ryans cowardly defense of Willie O’Dea is still a youtube classic. They would literally do anything for the tiniest piece of power. (e.g. O’Gorman)

        1. Joe

          No reflection on BS just blind anger at the actions of the indefensible Greenwash party, the hypocrite Roderic O’Gorman and Dan Boyle’s obnoxious condescending defence of the entire pile of poo droppings.

          I do appreciate John Ryan taking Boyle to task.

          You are right about the Greens, I was willing to give them a second chance but the only good Green’s are the ones that have left the party.

      2. Joe

        Shayna, not a reflection on BS. Pure anger at the Green party and the likes of Dan Boyle trying to defend O’Gorman and the report in such of an off hand callous way.

  3. Steph Pinker

    B o’D finally speaks out about paedophile coach.

    There are masks slipping and it has nothing to do with Covid-19 restrictions.

    1. Paulus

      “Drico”, what is it with these reductive cutesy names? Is it to suggest a cosy (over) familiarity with someone?

  4. Charger Salmons

    The women driven MAD with LUST by a FULL MOON screams the Irish Daily Mail.
    Full moon ?
    I always found that a glimpse of Charger’s washboard abs and a tour around the extensive wine cellar of Chateau Salmons was quite enough to make the fillies hot to trot.
    Marvellous, what ?

      1. Bitnboxy

        Nor a chateau – to put it mildly. Charage is what happens when one has no father or male role model in one’s life.

        More to be pitied than scorned.

  5. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Ireland’s government appears to be bad. However, it is not as bad as the Australian Federal Government.
    A current unnamed minister has been accused of an alleged rape that happened in 1988. The whole cabinet appears to have covered up a recent rape by one of their staff, that occurred in a minister’s office. I was going to post a link but it is a bit too full-on.

          1. Bitnboxy

            What is it you used always say to Boxy?

            Rent-free in your head GiggidyPox!

            Trite but quite apposite, wouldn’t you say. (“apposite” your favourite word of mine – glad to improve your lexicon but you do have some clunkers in your repertoire GooPox).

            Get some sleep before the night shift (if you can). There, there.


  6. millie bobby brownie

    Interesting to see if the government can follow through on their promise to get rid of DP by 2024, or will it just be a shiny new coat of paint to a tired, inhumane system.

    Of course, avoid the journal like the plague this morning. The racists and xenophobes are out in force. Disgusting comments to be seen there, no surprise.

    1. paul

      current government could be playing a longer game on DP, whoever will be in power in 2024 can take the fall for the failings of successive FF/FG governments.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          arent the providers (or one of the big ones anyway) the same company that operates Avoca cafes?

          1. ce

            I was looking at a beautiful sunny day outside and then I read “the same company that operates Avoca cafes?”… god that’s depressing… still better than City West, Ireland’s go to bob-a-job corporation…

      1. millie bobby brownie

        Ooooooh Frilly’s Famous Battenburg!

        It has absolutely cheered me up after what can only be described as the week from hell. Cheers V xx

          1. millie bobby brownie

            Even tipsy cake gets a mention! Haven’t had that in years! Brings me right back to nana’s house, served with squeeze concentrated orange juice made from the tin.

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            Doing a final test this evening for the sponges
            tomorrow for the fluff n’ assembly
            and covering

            And I’ll sign off on the Recipe and publish

            tormented with requests……….. gas isn’t it

            even for that Brunch effort
            and Tipsy – the bottle of Cork Cream Sherry is already organised

    2. ce

      Let’s assume that the roll out the new system – looks like you’ll spend a max of 4 months in group setting and then housed in the community… will the 4 months gradually turn into 6 months, 9 months, 1 year etc..

      While, I’m not saying it’s easy to organise/reform the system and magically come up with something far and equitable, there’s a bit of a “New scheme, new name, similar issues” situation on the horizon

      1. millie bobby brownie


        Exactly my thoughts. I doubt there is any political motivation to actually change the existing system, barring the international embarrassment of having such a dehumanising and inferior system, and the occasional outrage that comes with that.

        It would be impressive to see the implementation of a workable system that leaves asylum seekers with their dignity intact without leaving them in limbo for years on end.

  7. Phil Meehin

    While, I’m not saying it’s easy to be an expert in a field of fools, by starting off with the words
    ”Let;s assume….”

    No. Hang on a moment…
    Let’s assume it is

        1. Bitnboxy

          ROFL! GiggidyPox and their aliases. So, so tragic.

          Are you back from directing trucks and collecting customs papers at Dublin Port?

          I might get your adrenalin flowing GiggidyPox but it’s a nice day.


          1. GiggidyGoo

            Echopraxia. ROFL.
            McCabe has you well sussed. You can’t handle him.

            Me? – i’ll give you enough line, then reel you in ever so slowly as you make a complete idiot of yourself. I’ve saved the last one. It’s a great read. ROFL.

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