Now Den [Updated]


Communicorp, the radio group owned by Denis O’Brien, has agreed a sale of the company to UK group Bauer Media Audio for an undisclosed sum

This morning.

Via Newstalk:

Bauer Media Audio has today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Communicorp Group subject only to regulatory approval.

The group comprises of Ireland’s only two national commercial radio stations Today FM and Newstalk, alongside local stations Spin 1038 and 98FM in Dublin, and Spin Southwest in Limerick, as well as leading digital radio sport station Off The Ball, digital audio exchange audioXI and aggregated listening platform GoLoud.

Bauer Media Audio has today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Communicorp Group (Newstalk)




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17 thoughts on “Now Den [Updated]

    1. Scundered

      Having went through a redundancy with one of his companies in the past I can confirm all they ever offer is statutory, they are ruthless, and I am delighted that their complete lack of talent is now showing, too many at the top with no heads for business, just egos.

  1. Otis Blue

    I’m going to go out on a limb on this but I doubt the price paid comes next nor near Leslie Buckley’s valuation of €26.8m for loss-making Newstalk in 2016. Y’know the time he wanted the Indo to buy it, flogging one of Dinny’s organs to another.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      we did that story on at the time

      one crowd valued the gaff somewhere in the Mid 30s
      the Finance Head and CEO – the Senior Management Team, were early teens- like 12/13 million
      But the Chair was doing a bit of need to look after….
      and that’s where the 26.8 came from

      Its also the source of the Fallout and Whistleblowing btw
      The Chair was attempting to Influence the Management to pay a sum of money to acquire an asset they had material doubts about

      and Materiality is well established here
      like even between the early teens and the mid 20s there
      its still twice what the management thought the acquisition was only worth
      and the external valuation was in an around three times what the Senior Management thought it was worth

      The Senior Management earned their crust from the Shareholders for sure

  2. Johnny

    ….this irish govt does have a sense of humor or the surreal in that it underwrites and funds Dennis.

    ‘The Digicel Foundation Community Footprints’

    What half decent regulator would allow a charity divert money into a tv show lauding the founder,only a irish one.

    Should be an easy transition for the syphocants and hacks at newstalk,i sssume he’s going double down on health care in Ireland,he’s a greatly diminished figure having resort to a dodgy use his of charity resources,a tv show about itself,no really.

    1. johnny

      …like WTF,SOUR GRAPES TOM-its only the worldwide premier shortly,via a charity front c’mon man thats genius-the irish charity regulator has obv signed off on all this,when are they onboarding Finn Gael?

      “A monthly TV show featuring impactful community initiatives from all four Digicel Foundations – Jamaica, Haiti, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Trinidad and Tobago. Look out for our premiere on February 25 on Catch TV at 7:30pm.”

    1. Marguerite Tronçonneuse

      Rich people broke is entirely different to normal people broke. When b/millionaires declare bankruptcy, they’re not left scraping a few euros together to pay the electric bill. They shaft creditors and continue on living a life of luxury and indulgence. I don’t think Dinny will end up on the housing list, do you?

  3. GiggidyGoo

    €3bn+ coming his way, courtesy of you and I. Broadband ‘rollout’. Decided by FG. The fellow is far from a financial basket case, and its our money that’s facilitating many of his ‘ventures’.

  4. D-troll

    isnt irish assets small change for Dinny. i thought he was making billions in the caribean and parts of africa setting up telecommunications there.

    If he was losing loads of money he would be resident in ireland.

  5. Hicksonian

    No mention on the front page in the paper formerly known as Dinny’s plaything. The pity is strong on Abbey St. And the bagmen announced a 60mn profit besides Dinny’s latest public self harming. Finally, a good news day.

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