The ‘Ballymaloe Bubble’


Darina Allen

This morning.

Chef Darina Allen has defended running cookery classes during lockdown for a group of international students at Ballymaloe Cookery School in east Cork.

Via The Irish Examiner:

The students, who had booked residential places on Ballymaloe’s almost €13,000, 12-week Certificate Course, which was due to start on January 4, flew into Ireland in late December for two weeks of quarantine.

But they were left in limbo when Taoiseach Micheál Martin announced a full level 5 lockdown on December 30, which came into effect the following day. The students were offered the opportunity to join the ‘Ballymaloe Bubble’ after their 14-day quarantine.

Ms Allen said when lockdown was extended at the end of January — by which point the students had been in the country for about five weeks — the school cancelled the 12-week course and decided to offer them a modified course.

Ms Allen claimed Ballymaloe is different to third-level institutions given its residential setting


Darina defends Ballymaloe over lockdown cookery classes (irish Examiner)


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20 thoughts on “The ‘Ballymaloe Bubble’

  1. goldenbrown

    what else was she and they supposed to do exactly?
    entirely sensible way to handle the matter and hope they got the course finished!
    bar a monastery you wouldn’t find many better places in the country to do the cocooney thing than down there

    1. Marguerite Tronçonneuse

      Do what the rest of the country has had to do and close down. Why should Darina Allen be treated differently to a pub or a beauticians, or a branch of Penneys?

  2. Andrew

    don’t see an issue here if they were quarantined? It’s more than what thousands of people still flying in here every week are doing

  3. Johnny

    Weed tourists,sounds like she’s getting high on her own supply,that was a rather large amount of cultivation if I remember,for a hobby or first time grow.

    1. goldenbrown

      don’t think that’s a fair comparison bisted

      my understanding is that this was a one-off incident that Ballymaleaux sought to manage in a very sensible way for all involved

      whereas Keelings, armed to the teeth with influential friends, seek to continually do what they do with Romanians as part of their business model

      1. bisted

        …a poor comparison indeed goldenbrown…in fact, I acknowledge the Allen’s will have been trying to do the right thing at a difficult time for all of us…

    1. Cú Chulainn

      That’s because they are entitled… to child porn, large amounts of imported grass, not being prosecuted for drunk/drug driving..

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