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  1. scottser

    The tans leave a citizen stateless but still happy to supply weapons to the Saudis for their dirty tricks.
    Never not at it.

  2. Lilly

    A propos last night’s barney between John and Dan on Tomorrow Tonight, does anyone know why victims can’t access their information while the Commission is still in operation? Why, as Dan Boyle insists, does the Commission have to be wrapped up before they can access their details?

  3. Charger Salmons

    Extraordinary story in the Examiner with only 36% of all AstraZeneca vaccines delivered to Ireland actually being used.


    As the UK approaches 20 million people being vaccinated – over a third of all adults – Ireland appears to be mirroring a number of EU states where AZ uptake is slow thanks to early scare-mongering by politicians.
    Research on patients in Scotland, released this week, showed the AstraZeneca vaccine reduces the risk of being admitted to hospital by up to 94 per cent after a single dose, compared with 85 per cent for the Pfizer jab.
    And a single jab offers up to 80 per cent effectiveness in over-80s within a month.
    The EU-wide vaccine roll-out is shambolic.
    Give the spare AZ to our frontline workers like the police if people don’t want to take them.


    1. Brother Barnabas


      britain has a massive problem engendering trust among its neighbours – centuries of duplicity, deception and lies coming home to roost


  4. ce

    Plenty more fish in the sea… plenty more horse in the lasagne…

    Also – is that a direct quote from the horse “I think he’s the best I’ve ever seen”? It looks like an opinion piece…

  5. Lilly

    I’m glad Mary Robinson appeared on the Late Late last night and apologised. It got us a step closer to the truth in that it turns out Haya deceived and betrayed her, whereas two weeks ago, she said Haya too had been misled. That’s not the full story, of course. Tubridy neglected to ask a number of pertinent questions but I can understand that, it’s not the setting for a Morning Ireland-type probe. I hope now she does everything she can to secure freedom for the Al Maktoum women, as she said she would.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      I’m still wondering why tho’

      Like why is she now out and about doing the rounds trying to paper over the shabby engagement

      Is there any whispers out there at all about some new gig that has her out now trying to clean up after herself

      There has to be a reason
      And tisn’t a book

      1. Brother Barnabas

        pushing 80 years of age (or thereabouts) so doubt it’s a new big role

        I’d say it’s more about realising the damage it did to her reputation and not wanting that to be her legacy

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          But I still reckon she’s not done

          Besides, she’ll never undo the wreck she make of her precious reputation by effing off out of the Presidency when another big swinging winky of a gig came her way

          Or the cheap scabby carry on with her Library and family chattels

        2. Lilly

          I agree BB, reputation and legacy. I’d like to think there’s genuine remorse as well, now that she’s had a chance to stop jetting from Billy to Jack and reflect. 76 is hardly pushing 80, plenty she can do yet.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Don’t forget that in addition to reputation and legacy
            There’s Tax Relief on the Family Robinson chattels
            And the going concern of the the Family Robinson Presidential Library
            To protect as well as ensure for the next generation Family Robinson

            Just saying

          1. Johnny

            ….it’s virtual,but she appears at lots of these.

            “We are thrilled to host President Robinson at MSU, as she has moved audiences around the world with her passionate and hopeful call for all nations to work together to fight for a sustainable future,” said Carmen McSpadden, director of the MSU Leadership Institute, the organization hosting Robinson. “Robinson will frame climate change in highly solvable terms and leave attendees with actions to change the course of the planet’s future.”

            Montana state,we’re not in Cambridge now Mary,I think she may have some cognitive decline,her advisors/family probably making bank (someone is) and taking advantage,maybe it should be freeMary:)


          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            Was logged into one meself there a while back

            – needed the CPDs (●__●)

            But honestly, I don’t see the attraction tbh
            She’s a very awkward speaker
            Not listenable or engaging at all

            She has a brand, and big kudos alright
            But Jaysus she’s painful and hard work, with the personality of a breeze block
            F’ knows what t’was like to be working 9-5 with the girl
            Or sitting through her lectures when she was teaching
            Zero craic for sure

          3. Johnny

            …had lunch with Martha Stewart,she still has game,I know she’s close Biden and his admin,she awarded him hon degree-below.

            They get used getting waived through customs/immigration having a english speaking armed driver waiting is quite nice in foreign cities,its a nice lifestyle,mostly comped hard for some step,away.


    2. Bitnboxy

      I doubt Mary Robinson’s reputation can fully recover although I do believe her apology to be sincere. BUT, one doesn’t have to be a diplomat or a hostage / kidnapped princess to know that the UAE and literally every other ruling family in the Gulf region aren’t exactly keen on human rights and prefer a form a governance that doesn’t, to put it mildly, tolerate transparency or dissent (and no BS commenters these countries are not remotely comparable to IRL). So, in terms of an error of judgement, effectively accepting Sheikh Mohammed’ s word that there was “nothing to see here” in relation to Princess Latifa, is at best grotesquely and staggeringly naive.

      There is a good tweet doing the rounds though in relation to the above. As we all huff and puff about Robinson, not one word about Sheikh Mohammed and the treatment of his own daughter and the UAE ruling class view of women in general. I don’t see much outrage about this. There is a bigger story here than just the (understandable) disbelief and opprobrium directed at Robinson.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        True for ya

        We’re being conveniently diverted
        Her Robinson & Princess Latifa are drawing focus from the wholesale abuse there
        And it’s not just confined to women and girls

        BTW, the same is happening with the Commission/ Minister Roderic O’Gorman
        Drawing focus I mean

        1. Bitnboxy

          Indeed V.

          Commission / Mother and Baby Homes is murky stuff alright. I can’t see ROG as being some Machiavellian sort here but I do think he is being naive – very naive. I mean, there certainly always was a clear answer about the recordings but this Minister wasn’t getting it. Why? There are rumours some top brass civil servants with clout are Opus Dei but rumours. Still, some folk really want this done and dusted and nowt more said. Who though? I can’t believe it’s ROG ( who looks like he has aged 10 years of late). He seems a decent sort but perhaps needs to be far more wary from whom he is getting advice. Murky stuff.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            You only have to see the immediate reaction of certain stakeholder groups to Johnny Connor’s vicious tirade (+ Irish National Party) that time outside Leinster House

            And how they took the false allegations and suggestions about O’Gorman & Thatchell to lash out against the man, and seek his removal.

            With reasons that were unfounded, unseemly and with nothing resembling any shred of tolerance or decency

            Apologies weren’t so quick btw.

            People forget, Governing requires a lot of compromise – especially with a coalition as screwed up as this one.
            Of all the Greens in the Dáil, Roderic O’Gorman is imo the most sincere, and remarkably capable for his portfolios. Of all his predecessors in that bundle of portfolios – he’s the best of them all. And by a long ways.

            Give him a chance folks. Direct Provision is now also in his hands, and I truly expect great things from him just on that responsibility alone. I have no doubt at all he is a valuable voice around that Cabinet Table.

            And btw, there is nothing done or attempted by Minister O’Gorman on behalf of his Department that a Sinn Féin Minister would have done differently.

            I have asked a prominent Tuam Activist several times, who – from all the Government Party TDs or even in Sinn Féin would have been preferred as the Minister they are now dealing with.

            So ask yourselves that

          2. Bitnboxy

            Agreed V. I don’t doubt Roderic O’Gorman’s sincerity and decency. While he is in politics for the right reasons, nice and idealistic folks can end up being chewed up and spat out by the system. He does need more political nous though IMO. He is swimming in shark infested or is that vested shark interest, waters.

            The whiff of a plan to end Direct Provision is long overdue and the not-for-profit reception centres are indeed a very welcome and (desperately needed) proposal. ROG needs to be careful as the same populist voices of dysfunction and hate are sensing blood again. Grift Media (Youth Defence – not that anyone is young anymore) Jerk McGuirk (sorry for mentioning him again Charage!) was straight out with a dog whistle tweet full of his classic concern trolling to rile the usual suspects (from whom he’ll invariably distance himself when it gets out of hand) suggesting the proposal to house asylum seekers is designed at the expense of indigenous Irish desperately seeking social housing. Usual populist Trumpy stuff. Still, ROG again needs to be more savvy here.

            Totally agree re the Shinners point which is as true as day follows night.

          3. Bitnboxy


            I hear Jerk McGuirk has a lot of time on his hands. After sabotaging his own political career way back in TCD, he’d give up his eye teeth and granny to have influence as a political advisor.

            Only thing is, will “where’s me blue tick” Ganley let his shill go so easily to pastures new?!

          4. V aka Frilly Keane

            Couldn’t tell ya about that pair tbh

            I avoid and delightfully keep myself as ignorant of their activities as an off gridder in Wyoming
            As much as I can / am allowed to anyway

            Know who they are alright
            But I doubt I could pick them out of a line up, or form any reliable opinion on them
            Like say I could manage from an episode of Bake Off or a GE Leaders Debate, or a Championship Match, or a set of Accounts like

            And I’ll be keeping it that away in as much as I can

      2. Lilly

        As Robinson herself said last night, the focus on Latifa is symbolic. If they can be forced to clean up their own house, it will have a knock-on effect throughout the region.

        Disappointing contribution and lack of engagement from David Langwallner on this on Tomorrow Tonight for someone who calls himself a human rights lawyer.

    1. Lilly

      And yet he admits to a short trip to the UK himself. What kind of work trip could be essential travel for Fintan, that couldn’t have taken place over Zoom?

      1. Micko

        Yep. Exactly.

        Like most of these guys, they’re very interested in curtailing your movement -but not their own.

        A quick UK biz trip or a visit into RTE for an interview.
        They can go where they like.

        Also, Fintan O’Toole has attended some of those zero covid Zoom meetings – I wouldn’t believe a word outta him.

  6. Johnny

    ….in states if you bought the coke,gave it to her and she died while you were in the room….

    ‘The coroner added: ‘You were so distressed that you even rang to coroner’s office, didn’t you?’

    ‘Yes,’ replied McManus.

    ‘And you spoke to an official in the coroner’s office and you wanted to know how soon you could have a burial for your beloved wife.’


    1. Otis Blue

      “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them…”

      F. Scott Fitzgerald

      1. Johnny

        Absolutely stunning place,they had one of the villas,beautiful lady,wtf you be doing at the bar with a baggie,owners son having get carried back again to his villa,sorry Otis,the WASP’s frown upon passing out in public,or allegedly…that’s really pure,strong coke there much more so than London,yet he fell asleep…while she was dying or dead for few hours,same suite.

          1. Johnny

            ….was in Vegas with few friends,we needed security get one them out of a locked bathroom in which he was crying profusely,they don’t call it the the devils candy for nothing.
            Nothing,nothing explains jumping on the bed slapping your now ‘dead’ wife around the head while high on coke,you can take him out limerick….but you can’t take the….

        1. Bitnboxy

          The impending sheet-show as a result of Darragh O’Brien’s shared equity scheme is depressing. Not a single lesson learned.

          But he’ll be long gone when the damage is done.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Rumour around the eFFers is that Daragh O’Brien will be replaced as Minister for Housing
            Before Mehall Martin is as leader / Taoiseach

            As an aside, the best Political mind I know is certain Mehall’s fortunes in the polls etc will U-turn
            Just saying.

          2. Bitnboxy

            More than any other issue, the fortunes of the government parties will depend on housing. Everything else pales in comparison. O’Brien and his shared equity scheme castigated by all and sundry need to go – pronto.

            Aside from that, the government is surely lucky Boris actually listened for once in his mendacious life and any UK reopening will be extremely cautious but the sheet will be flying if come summer there is a perceptible difference between Ireland and the UK / other EU states in terms of regained “freedoms”. I’d be nervous were I a government politician when looking at the NI vaccination numbers vis à vis our own.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      ah stop that, daisy – it’s just a fun-filled family-friendly day out where ordinary people are expressing disagreement with the powers that be

    2. Charger Salmons

      Meanwhile in the UK another half a million people queued up patiently and in good humour today to receive their Covid vaccination.
      The overall total should hit 20 million people by the end of the weekend.
      As Blighty’s tourists spread out across the beaches and fleshpots of the Med this summer it will send those whey-faced gingers kicking off at the first sign of a weak Spring sun today totally demented.
      I’ll send y’all a nice postcard.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Any word on when the second dose will be administered? Should be three weeks but Boris & Co have eked it out to 3 months. They may as well not have bothered.

        1. Charlie

          Terrorism is for scrotes. These scumbags wouldn’t know the difference between freedom and a bag of yokes.

    3. Charlie

      That vid doesn’t show what kicked it off. A scrote started firing his rockets straight at the Guards for no other reason other than being a scumbag. Sad thing is that vid you just posted is now viral and totally misleading.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I made sure to post the full vid, nor the selectively edited, pro-scab one. The gardai only reacted when on of the protesters got the second firework in his face (12 seconds in).

        1. GiggidyGoo

          They should have reacted immediately the first firework was let go. I hope they got that scumbag and taught him a bit of a lesson.

      2. V aka Frilly Keane

        Not wanting to get dragged into anything with a particular crowd here
        But the video I saw
        Showed a person walking towards the wall of Garda
        Firing away

        Ok not an AK-47 or a rocket launcher, fair enough
        But the mentality of anyone letting off Fire Works in such close company
        On f’ing Grafton Street on a Saturday afternoon
        Betrays all arguements around right to protest, free speech and most especially on public health and wellbeing
        Right Left Alt this that Anti whatever the pompoms you like
        Just who the :::k do these people think they are

        They cannot be permitted to say they represent Democracy or are standing up for it
        Or our Constitution

        Sorry folks that person(s) has no capacity for human decency or respect for their fellow citizens

        1. goldenbrown

          don’t matter V
          it’s surely a firearm, an improvised one at the very least

          if they caught him surely he’s up for attempted murder of a Guard, no? also a capital offence?

    4. Micko

      While the protest had some unsavoury types involved and of course violence should never be condoned, it does beg the question – how do you protest something that you feel is unjust?

      Do you:

      Open your business?
      Ignore and don’t follow the guidelines?
      Protest in defiance?
      Stand outside socially in groups?

      ALL these things now invite heavy fines and possible arrest.

      How the hell is someone supposed to show their displeasure with undergoing the heaviest restrictions in Europe?

      Back to complaining on the internet I guess :)

    5. f_lawless

      A video of one eejit with a firework provoking a reaction from gardai is not representative of the thousands of ordinary citizens I witnessed there, young and old alike, who gathered peacefully and spontaneously marched through the city centre streets in a show of solidarity. By the time that video was shot, the march had already set off in the direction of O’Connell street and beyond.

      On the other hand, it’s the perfect kind of material for lockdown zealots and biased media outlets to zone in on and project a skewed narrative onto the day’s events

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I was there too, flawless- and, while it certainly wasnt everyone, it wasn’t a minority. and the National Party presence was strong. and when it wasnt masks and lockdowns, the chants included “Ireland for the Irish” and “Deport the DP scroungers”. again, not everyone, but there was a vocal contingent that was menacing and unsavoury.

        1. f_lawless

          Sorry I have to challenge you on this one

          ” it wasn’t a minority.” ..what? A majority was what? That’s incoherent.
          “the National Party presence was strong” How did you come to that conclusion exactly? There were no political banners visible on the day. No political speeches made. No chants for the National Party at any of the protests I’ve been at to date, including today. I did see a couple of guys handing out some flyers. Hardly a “strong presence” and what of it if they were handing out flyers anyway?

          You say you attended the march. In what capacity? That’s quite surprising given your previously expressed viewpoints on here.

          I tell you what I found really menacing – the guards shutting down traffic on all routes leading into Stephen’s Green, setting up road blocks, in attempt to stop people exercising their democratic right to protest. Batons in hand, attack dogs at the ready. It was like something out of former Eastern Germany.

          I uploaded a few pictures here. Not a banner in sight. Just ordinary looking people, some even with kids. (Faces blurred)

          1. Best friends forever

            Hahah there’s always some loser with a kid at these – doing their best to destroy their kids life as well. I remember well the first time I met a guy who told me about the microwaves … I wanted to strangle him, he had beautiful kids

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            Well given that you’d apes letting off fireworks
            The Guards did right diverting traffic

            National Party huh …..
            Deport the DP Scroungers huh

            What was today’s protest about again?

            Fulla’ve it Flaw

          3. Charlie

            Some drag their kids to the GPO at the weekends to listen to the speakers(screamers) and indoctrinate them with hatred. Others appear like normal folk with major chips on their shoulders and let the loudmouth angry scrotes stir the pot. They’ll nod and occasionally utter “well said Anto!”. Then there’s the 3/4 militant people with banners who look like they’d just got released from the Joy.

          4. f_lawless

            No, you had one person who let off a firework in a tense situation which was entirely of the guards creation by blocking off all routes to a public park with an aggressive police presence. 99% of the thousands who marched were entirely peaceful.

            I can’t attest to what Brother Barnabas saw or heard . I can tell you though that he’s fibbing about a “strong National Party presence”. There was simply no evidence of that other than a couple of lads handing out flyers. Conclusion: he’s making sweeping generalisations based on his preconceived biases.

            I’ve made available the photos I have. I challenge you to find any photos online of National Party banners or videos of NP speeches or chants of “Deport the DP Scroungers” for that matter- or is what BB wrote all you need to form your opinion?

          5. Brother Barnabas

            I responded below before I’d seen this comment, flawless

            disappointing, in truth, that your first response is to call me a liar

            suppose it comes down to credibility – but I’d suggest your claim that “99%” behaved peacefully – when we have all seen the videos posted online and doing the rounds on WhatsApp- show that claim to be patent nonsense

            so there’s “preconceived bias” for you

          6. Brother Barnabas

            and, further to all that, flawless –


            JB himself- at around the 3 min mark in above video – while denying involvement in organising yesterday’s protest, states that the NP had “a relatively large presence” at it

            so seems I’m not talking out of my hoop after all

          7. Brother Barnabas

            happy to clarify, flawless

            you said “a video of one eejit with a firework provoking a reaction from gardai”. I’m saying it was a lot more than “one eejit”. while not everyone there was looking to “provoke” (and that’s a fairly mild word for it), the majority were. yes, majority.

            no, I didn’t see any NP banners as such – but I did see plenty of overtly nationalistic banners, which isnt too far from it. the strong NP presence I alluded to was extensive leafletting and collecting email addresses – and this was going on before and after things kicked off on grafton st. there is no doubt that NP was one of the chief organisers. am I wrong?

            as for what i was doing there, put it down to “interested observer”. I went over for a look. but I made a point of putting myself in the middle of things so I could see and hear what was going on.

          8. Brother Barnabas

            yep – that’s the leafletting that was happening

            also here’s justin barrett himself confirming the “relatively large NP presence”


            around the 3 min mark

            nobody can credibly deny the far right involvement in what happened yesterday

  7. goldenbrown

    I imagine many of those scobys are well known to the Guards on a daily basis
    they must enjoy smashing them…even a little bit (I know I would…just a little bit like)

    their Landsdowne Road moment?

    I know an ex-Guard who was there on the night, dined off it for years

  8. goldenbrown

    here what gives? what happened my comment?

    is it that I spelt scobys wrong?

    is it scobys or scobies?

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