This afternoon.

Dublin city centre.

Scenes from today’s lockdown protest where 23 people were arrested for public order offences following clashes at the top of Grafton Street. The protest then marched peacefully to to the GPO.

Pics: RollingNews and KN


This afternoon.


Garda taken to hospital as 23 arrested over Dublin disturbance (RTÉ)



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95 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Ivor needs to take responsibility for his minions and toadys. 100% shouldn’t have been there, never mind the “1%” who shot at gardai and shot a fellow protester in the face. They’re nothing but lockdown breaking scabs and traitors.

  2. ce

    Pic 12, guy near the bottom of pic with the grey hoodie and black mask down on his chin … definitely just wandering around looking for a smoke

  3. Eoineyo

    Morons, too stupid to understand the irony of what they are doing. They can try denying science all they want but there is a big chance we will see a spike in cases and deaths because of this. I hope anyone there today does not send their child to school on Monday, they need to stay at home for another two weeks to see if their actions have Heath and Safety consequences. Fuppin idiots!!

  4. paul

    Can we take a leaf out of the Yanks book and ID the people in the photos and have the Gardai at their door on Monday morning?

    1. Charger Salmons

      That would imply that there’s a crack Garda Intelligence Unit waiting to sift through the CCTV evidence and social media footage to identify the ringleaders.
      The fact they’re policing a demonstration not wearing body armour other than their usual stab vests and there isn’t a shield or helmet between any of them suggests to me Garda Intelligence is an oxymoron.
      I’d say most of their resources are still committed to finding Shergar.
      And next week will be spent on preparing compo claims for PTSD and filing extensive sick leave.

      1. Best friends forever

        Wow what a half wit
        Thanks for the lolz
        I hear there’s a crack team of rugger experts trying to find clues as to why England had their asses handed to them again today and didn’t appear to know the rules

  5. Podge

    I came here for a laugh reading the comments from the tinfoil hat and sovereign rights brigade defending all this. I’m leaving disappointed. Yis are all far too reasonable.

  6. Bitnboxy

    Have any of these “men” and I note it is generally “men” (however ineffectual and dysfunctional) who attended this riot (aside from the odd plucky corpulent moll or two) ever worn a regular pair of trousers or even jeans? Grubby prison-issue tracksuit bottoms as far as the eye can see. These scum should have been hosed by the Garda water canon and as for those arrested, bail should have been set at the maximum amount to ensure their imprisonment. Taxpayers are funding these feral neer-do-wells.

      1. Bitnboxy

        +1Peed-off by these scroungers. When I think of my local supermarket and the same staff (many non-national) that have worked throughout each lockdown, most invariably always in good humour and a kind of word to say to the regulars – the fact that whatever tax is taken from their meagre wages is likely subsidising this scummy riotous lot, in all their angry indolence and dysfunction: well, my blood boils.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          It’s the ignorant intolerance – which is bigotry btw
          That scalds me
          But when tis mixed with hypocrisy – like tis there
          That’s makes me want to projectile vomit into their faces

          this is a free speech Democracy for them the same way tis for me, so let them at it

          But as for those amongst them with panhandling setups
          Unless they’re in the regulated professions, a VAT registered etc honest activity, or a Registered Political Party or Charity
          ….. well then that’s a whole different matter altogether, that’s fly-by-nighting, that’s spivving, and anyone engaged in that way of life should never be listened to, supported or encouraged.
          The Authorities need to act quick to ensure people aren’t duped into giving away their money, and that the Revenue aren’t being denied their cut.
          and a matter for CAB / AML CTF Auditors

    1. ce

      Lads at the front ladies at the back – how chivalrous. Looks like about 75%/25% -ish from all the pics, including the GPO.

      They all look very young – that’s more than a bit worrying. This is not to excuse muppetry – but there (think about it…) hit hard by lockdown, in lower paid jobs, insecure housing, nothing to do, any news/current affairs only come through their phones, etc… fun times ahead

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The way i’d summarize it is that 1% troublemakers of the firework type of fellow are getting the coverage. I saw the bulk of the protesters not engaging in trouble like that.

        More worrying, for the politicians, is the size of the protest (and many didn’t get through I believe to join it), and the age profile. FG latched onto the younger population back 11 years ago, and brought them out to vote for them. Same with the various referendums. FF didn’t. SF didn’t until last election. The old FFG voters are a dying breed. FFG aren’t replacing them.

        FFGR can ignore and downplay it as as much as they like, and can have Gda Reynolds try spin ‘it was far right and far left’ involved, but they’re ignoring the result of their own failures.

        1. Bitnboxy

          Lol. Is there no story that you won’t try to twist and spin to hawk your causes célèbres and tiresome obsessions?

          Absolute and utter nonsense – typical of your “agin everything” propaganda borne of your own bleary-eyed keyboard crusading, angry at everyone and anyone and seeking to blame others (migrants being one of your targets) for your own malaise.

          The photos speak for themselves and it takes a particular brass neck to assert that “shur twas only 1%” who were the baddies” when it is plainly obvious the utter dregs of society turned out for an excuse to riot. You may feel a certain kinship with this lot I’ve no doubt, I certainly don’t.

          They way you “saw it” is decidedly not the way the rest of us saw it.

          And you can spare me and the rest of us your abusive alias Mick McCabe.


          1. GiggidyGoo

            Beetlejuice x 3
            Your level of intelligence is only matched by the availability of products on the Argos Irish website. ‘Currently unavailable’
            I’ll feed you the line, then reel you in. Like last time. ROFL

          2. Bitnboxy

            Remember when you swore blind on St Stephen’s Day never to engage again with Boxy?

            It still makes me smile! Bless.

            I guess you’ll be grabbing your yellow vest soon for the night shift.

            Just leave the fireworks in the hovel.


        2. Anti Bots

          Good man Goo as predictable as ever. It’s all the govt’s or the Guards fault. Nothing to do with false flag waving idiots that you support. Most even can’t wear the flag the right way around. The fact that you were there indicates the shinners were involved. Has you party come out of closet on social distancing? Go on, show some leadership Mary Lou. Sorry, its SF – they never show leadership.

    2. Damo

      Beware the anger within, for it will boil up and render you the object of your own disgust lest you acknowledge it’s sordid and seething effect on you.

    1. millie bobby brownie

      Are you saying you’re proud to associate with these people, f_lawless?

      I’ll remember that, next time you post anything about the… ‘family friendly’ crowds present at these events.

      1. f_lawless

        While we’re busy chattering about delinquents with fireworks and scoffing at the kind of clothes they wear, democratic society as we know it is being dismantled right before our eyes if only we had the wherewithal to see it for what it is.

        We don’t have elected leaders, as such. Our government’s role has increasingly become that of perception managers who are ushering us towards a new “biosecurity surveillance state” as dictated by a global cartel of financial elites. Under this system, individual citizens will no longer be free to determine their own health safety. Instead, health is imposed on them by the state as an obligation – don’t comply and you’re effectively shut out of normal life. Once set up and running it’s not going to simply go away.

        And the net is closing in while the majority of us are passively sitting by – the latest from Varadkar:
        now openly saying that by June Ireland may follow Israel’s lead and start requiring proof of vaccination to access various aspects of public life. Also no need anymore to set any kind time frames for coming out of lockdown, “new variants” is the new show in town. Restrictions will go on indefinitely, certainly until political objectives are met. One of those is vaccinating a majority of the population – despite the low risk of the virus to most – with with experimental vaccines that have no long-term safety data and were never tested to see if they prevented transmission during trials.

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      Gas all the same

      I can point to one very recognisable and established snob who endorsed and promoted that protest yesterday
      And not just any oul’ snob, like the old school Montenotte RCYC set, or Averil Doyle’ists, an actual South Dublin Snob
      The very best example of the very worst ilk of snobs
      And I have experience of both btw

      I’m also certain there’s a few here that could all name the same person btw
      Who, F’law in case you haven’t noticed, wasn’t anywhere near the Tricolour coated capers on Grafton Street
      ‘probably’ furious with them all that it didn’t go all off on Henry Street ಠಗಠ

    3. Nigel

      This must be the first time you have ever read a Broadsheet comment section on any protest about any issue whatsoever.

  7. Dara

    Cummins’s abuse of statistics in his tweet calls into question all his supposed data based health claims.
    His business model requires a contrarian view: that’s how the money comes in.

    This is in addition to his spreading of dangerous misinformation.

  8. Spud

    So many ‘respectable’ high profile Twitter users claiming this is a ‘superspreader’ event.

    I don’t remember same claim to the BLM protests and pretty sure various marches in the US and packed beaches in the UK led to no spike in cases.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from supporting those yobs yesterday, but don’t give them more fuel to further their ideas by spreading your own fake news.

    1. Nigel

      Even as the BLM protests happened we were swamped with comments from people claiming that they did not remember any criticism of BLM protests. It was most peculiar.

  9. Verbatim

    Painful to read this thread, puts me off coming back to BS daily. These are our brothers and sisters, they make up what Ireland is for the most part and the rest can be gleamed in Broadsheet smug commenters, all so sure of themselves and the status quo – diabolical really.

    1. millie bobby brownie

      They don’t make up Ireland ‘for the most part’. They are one noisy contingent, that is all; entitled to protest, and entitled to be criticised for it too.

      I should add, most people don’t find it necessary to lob a firework or three at another person to make a point.

    2. ce

      What does “they make up what Ireland is for the most part” even mean!?

      Did you read the Times “Conspiracy” column – that’s nothing to do with any “status quo”, there’s no excuse for that kind of ignorance

      While on a human level I hope that those involved eventually find something useful to do with their lives instead of this nonsense, and while I share their fears about the lack of control in life and the rot in civic/governmental/corporate life… you simply can not spout utter drivel and daft slogans and convince people to take you seriously, and ultimately help make the necessary social/political changes that would end the “status quo”.

      What would Jesus/Francis Rossi do?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Jesus died on the cross for his beliefs. Then he rose again. I don’t know what happened to him after he rose again.

    3. V aka Frilly Keane

      Ah here Verb

      Seriously, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who promotes the All Walks of Life are Equal and the More the Merrier more than I do

      And I’m not just talking about here on Broadsheet either – if you want I can point you to stuff they refused,
      or my activities in and on behalf of the Cooperative Movement

      So I’m pretty Woke as the kids would say to any form of superiority or entitlement or self serving/ self interest

      That you would detect Smugness coming off the comments is quite alarming tbh.
      Fair enough, you’re entitled to whatever you want to think yerself, especially on a Sunday morning.

      I’ve put my professional reputation behind calling out RTÉ, and others
      I’ve put my name to, and identified plenty acts of corruption, Government failures etc, particularly around Conflict of Interest and Probity Failures, Governance at State Boards and Other public interest Organisations
      That’s all already out there in the public accessable thoroughfares for any and all to see and hear for themselves

      That I’m not out on the streets shaking it up with the Conspiracy sets and Latter Day Patriots, drinking cans, filming Guards, blaming Soros and tweeting all about it
      Doesn’t make me any less concerned about what’s going on here
      And it definitely doesn’t make me a Snob

      Besides, I’m the last person to be slagging off anyone for bad spellings n’ grammar n’ stuff
      Maybe before your time Verb, but anyway, being cancelled doesn’t remove the past

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          I see that as a good thing actually

          It shows independence and being free from influence, therefore trustworthy and reliable – professionally anyway
          it suggests you think I’m pretty well grounded, self-motivated, and more likely to offer contributions & advices voluntarily and without a hidden agenda, like some form of payback, or favour in return

          All of which I like to think is true

          I’m not a bit afraid of who I am Junks
          Even now, that’s pretty well demonstrated, even without the comfort of the anonymity I no longer enjoy, but you and so many others do
          Funny that

    4. Lilly

      What about the guards, Verbatim, are they not our brothers and sisters too? Does anyone doing their job deserve a firework in the face? I don’t think so.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        The Guards were the least at risk imo Lil

        They are trained for this type of Anti Social behaviour
        And at least were wearing some protective clothing, like work boots, stab vests, masks etc

        Tis all the other people there – the Everyday People, in sandals and lighter outerwear, n’ the likes. Maybe even pushing buggies ffs
        With no connections to the organisers or the disrupters
        Or knowledge of the deeper cynical motives lying underneath

        Everyday People that turned up to support in good faith, with honest and genuine convictions, and in solidarity with a movement
        Something that is severely lacking in Ireland today, and is far too easily ridiculed, undermined and mocked
        Exhibit No 1 Drew Harris and his far left drop in last evening

        It was planned to let off Fire Works amongst these people that only turned up to show their support
        And That’s what I’m not turning a blind eye to
        Everyday People, Everyday Irish People, were deliberately and maliciously put at risk of serious harm and injury

        The last genuine Movement for Change we had here were the Water Protests – All Walks of Life came out
        In Solidarity
        And formed a single Common Bond between all of us

        Show me the occasion where any one of us was at risk of a Firework exploding in our near vicinity, or getting bout head cracked open with a flag pole

        So Wrap yere tricolours around that lads and call yerselves Patriots now

        1. Micko

          “ Show me the occasion where any one of us was at risk of a Firework exploding in our near vicinity,”

          Every Halloween in my area from about 1987-1994

          Throwing bangers at people and bottle rocket target practice was like a mini Olympic event every year. .


          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Thank you Mick
            You’ve just proved my point

            Comparing our annual trek through the Passion Walk of Skangers with Bangers
            To yesterday’s protest – particularly the composition of the organisers

            Bloody genius, with a J even


          2. Micko

            Ah sure it was a great bit of yearly exercise V. ;-)

            What happened yesterday was the stupid actions of a young person.

            I’m not going to say “we’ve all done similar stupid things” because most people here probably haven’t.

            But, growing up, I’ve done equally as stupid things, so have a lot of my pals.

            I’m not condoning it, I’m understanding it.

            Kids are thick sometimes. I don’t think it has to be a big political statement.

            Kids do the funniest things etc

          3. millie bobby brownie

            You’re actually defending someone throwing a firework into the face of another person?

            Ffs Micko.

          4. Brother Barnabas

            in defence of micko, I dont believe his inane utterances are politically motivated

            he’s genuinely a simpleton

          5. Micko

            Defending – no

            Understanding that young people do really stupid things – yep.


            Do you think that young fellah who fired the firework at the Guard is particularly politically motivated? Do you think he attends his local “far -right wing” clubhouse meeting every week? Do you think he wanted to kill the Guard with the firework?

            Was the Guard going to spontaneously combust?

            He’s just a kid that got caught up in moment and did something ridiculously unfathomably stupid.

            I’d urge anyone who’s a parent here, to not judge to harshly – someday your kid may do something equally as stupid and they’ll look to you for understanding.

          6. millie bobby brownie

            No but the Garda, who has a family of his or her own (has a mother, a father, siblings, spouse or children) could have been blinded, deafened, suffered multiple burns and skin injuries to name but a few.

            You seem very sure that it was a poor impressionable young person, swept up in all the… ‘excitement’ of the day. What young person, or indeed any person, brings a clatter of fireworks to a protest with innocent intentions? Let off a few light-hearted bangers in Stephen’s Green? And fwiw, if my children ever did something so bloody irresponsible, so fupping reckless, as to attempt to throw a firework at another person, you may be sure I wouldn’t be very understanding at all. There are very few circumstances which make it justifiable.

            What’s more there are multiple videos online showing that more than one firework was let off by this person, fired at the Gardaí, so putting it down as an accident is a weak excuse at best.

          7. Micko

            Woohoo BB’s back in for the pile on

            I love a good pile on…

            Head on over to local funny man Fabu D’s page. He has a video of what happened yesterday. About an hour long. It all kicks off about 30 mins in.


            Lots of ill informed silly people in the crowd. But malicious right wing people??. No.

            Just people who feel marginalised.

          8. Micko


            BB, could we not return to the narrative of how much smarter you are then other people.

            We know dude. You’re really really smart.



            “Any man who says “I am the king”… is no king”

          9. Micko

            Millie, what are your impressions of this person?

            What were his motivations, political or otherwise?

            Sure, he’s a complete numpty – but politically motivated? Gimme a break.

            There seems to be an effort to label these people as far-right extremists. Plotting together to unleash a flurry of fireworks on the guards. That’ll topple the government for sure ;)

            Have a look at the video on Fabu D’s page. The entire thing was WAY less extreme than made out.
            The VAST majority there for the protest only.

          10. millie bobby brownie

            Micko, I’m not attributing any motivation to this lad, except a bit of casual anarchy perhaps. I think whoever he is, he did this on purpose with the intention of creating chaos and harm. So, he’s a reckless and dangerous idiot. I don’t give a fiddlers what his upbringing was, what his beliefs are or if he’s actually a nice man who coaches the kids GAA on Saturday mornings.

            But regardless of any of that, there is no defending what he did. None. And if it were any other protest I’d say the same thing. Now perhaps I’m misunderstanding you, but it seems that you’re conflating the fact that people are making this out to be a protest made up of far-right nutters (which seems unlikely, and I agree that most people had nothing to do with the violent minority there) with defending this individual’s actions. You seem to be attempting to dismiss this man’s actions because there are people out there calling this a far right protest, which is absurd.

          11. Micko

            @ GB

            Not condoning it, and I’m not saying it was a child who did it.

            I’m saying that people do really really stupid things. Particularly when they’re young.

            I’m not saying it was the right thing to do. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be charged with assault. Of course he should.

            All I’m saying is that this isn’t particularly politically motivated (as the media are saying it is) and that this is just someone who did something really stupid.

            A crime yes. But not a political one. His very stupid motivations is not representative of the crowd there.

            Besides, judging from some of the pics on social media and Whatapp, the guards have excellent pics to work with. Pics in focus for once.

            I’m sure that “rocket man” will be found really soon.

          12. goldenbrown

            aw Micko, I’m guessing you’re trolling

            that scoby used a roman candle like an improvised RPG…you can see him very deliberately aiming it in the vids, it wasn’t accidental, bitta craic, this or that
            nothing Halloweeny about it he was using it as an improvised weapon…he was definitely targetting someones head face-on and almost succeeded

            what would you have to say on the subject if he’d gotten his direct hit, hm?
            you’d say fupp-all cos you wouldn’t be commenting about it on here

            you’re being an utter dope here GTF

          13. Best friends forever

            I don’t think you are correct Micko there
            To bring a fire cracker into town like that required a degree of forethought and planning
            To walk up and fire it in a guards face required immense bravery and commitment to a political agenda

          14. Micko

            @ GB

            Our replies got mixed up there. BS is a bit weird lately. ;)

            But no, not trolling. Genuinely believe that this guy is a total numpty and deserves to be charged.

            But people saying that he’s representing the people there at the protest or that he’s a right wing lad, is just disingenuous.

            He’s a lone muppet who did something incredibly dangerous and stupid. And he deserves to be charged.

            And my original point is that I, and mates who have done equally as stupid things and could have maimed, killed, injured themselves and others – and I still hang around with those idiots 20 years later. And they me ;-)

          15. Best friends forever

            Micko it’s disappointing that you are trying to change the subject and deliberately mis-hearing my question. I look forward to hearing from you as you are a genuine sort, however this is not your best day at the office

          16. Mick McCabe

            How many of the protesters were throwing fireworks? According to the clutterati here, it looks like all of the protesters were.
            If it was just one, then isn’t it a bit rich to paint everyone else at the protest with the same brush?
            That would be like tarring the family of a drug pusher as all drug pushers.
            Micko made a very measured summation. The replies of those who couldn’t understand what he wrote tells its own compendium of stories.

          17. millie bobby brownie

            Enlighten us then, please.

            I think Micko is well able to make his point. It’s just that most people disagree with him. No one is misunderstanding what he’s saying because it’s quite clear; he’s just in the position of defending the actions of someone who quite deliberately fashioned a makeshift weapon for launching fireworks at another person.

            In the footage of the protest, you can quite clearly see that it wasn’t just one firework launched, but multiple fireworks, which kind of makes a mockery of Micko’s defense that its some lad who got caught up in the atmosphere of the protest. I get that he’s playing devil’s advocate here because of his own personal feelings about lockdown etc and that’s fine, but there are clearly plenty of posters here who disagree.

          18. Micko

            Hey @BFF

            Thanks for your nice comment. Genuinely not trying to change the subject. The blurred face thing is just an aside.

            The issue I have with the thing is that I don’t think that it was politically motivated, other than the politics of “we don’t want to be in lockdown anymore”. Which I can sympathise with.

            Is the guy an .&€*%#^{ – absolutely

            Should he be charged? – absolutely

            Was the protest right wing motivated? not in my opinion.

            Was there’s right wing folks there – I’d say yes. Along with people with no political leaning.

            Are these people misinformed? Some are.

            Are they fighting for something they believe in? Absolutely.

          19. Best friends forever

            Thanks Micko we just have a small difference of opinion of what “politically motivated” means, I can see that now. This kind of direct action against the Gardai is actually the “new politics” to me and while I sympathise with the overall sentiments behind it, I’d be very wary of going about my protest in that way for sure. After all, if this is a police state, these guys will stop at nothing to identify this chap now and bring him to justice. I feel the Gardai are actually mostly sympathetic to people trying to earn an honest living at this time, that’s been my experience. So it doesn’t make sense to directly fire a rocket at an unarmed Garda. It’s possible the Garda were too heavy handed in blocking off streets and that raised the ante in fairness.

          20. Mick McCabe

            All that I saw, Milly, was one boy doing the fireworks. So it was one person, and there’s video footage doing the rounds too that would class him as a boy who probably wouldn’t know a TD from a STD, in other words not political. Multiple fireworks, from one boy. That boy should have his bum handed to him sharply. A certain Cork culinary family had a member caught with drugs multiple times. Are they all druggies?
            I hope I’ve enlightened you.

          21. millie bobby brownie

            Please see my response to Micko’s comment above, as I feel that answers the points you raise in your own comment here and I’m not repeating myself.

          22. Micko

            Ah yeah Daisy.

            When I said “kid” originally, that was just me playing the aul lad card. ;)

            He’s of course in his 20’s and deserves everything coming to him. I just don’t think it’s politically motivated.

          23. Mick McCabe

            There’s footage freely available Milly which shown one person aiming the fireworks. There’s footage too which shows he’s maybe 18 years old. A teenager. The person who light it was even younger It doesn’t fit into your nor D Chainsaws patter, but it’s there to be seen. At that age they’re not political, nor affiliated to right or left. They’re scum, but not the scum you’d like us to believe them to be (political scum).

          24. millie bobby brownie

            At no point have I implied that the person launching fireworks is linked to right wing groups or has any political affiliation at all. I have only stated that the actions of that person are reckless, dangerous and absolutely fupping stupid, and should rightly be condemned.

            You have attributed sentiments to me that I haven’t expressed here, which says a lot more about you than it does me, frankly. Unless you have something further to add, I think we’re done here.

          25. Bitnboxy

            Funny how Giggidy’s alias is also peddling the “twas only one lad with a firework” line.

            Shur, wasn’t it only a few violent thugs who ruined the peaceful protest of a few other violent thugs, eh Giggidy, sorry “Mick”?

        2. Bitnboxy

          Surely quibbling about the age of the firework thrower is beside the point and does not detract from the rather obvious fact that the vast majority of individuals turned up intent on violence and mayhem. Of course this also attracted a non-negligible amount of the usual disaffected and feral youths.

          1. Micko

            Ah I think most people were just there to protest.

            Have a look at the vid on Fabu D’s page.


            He’s an hour of footage there and there’s very little violence from either the protesters or the guards. Lots of shouting and stuff, but not much violence.

            People are just peeved off with the restrictions.

            That part I can understand.

  10. Formerly known as

    Why are you quoting that idiot, Ivor the fat idiot? Mr. Its a casedemic. How many must die and prove it is a pandemic before he shuts up.

  11. eamonn

    Weaponised Canines – I thought only the baddies did that -State dog”handlers” are OK?
    I am not commenting on who might be right or wrong here, just leave the dogs alone can’t you.

  12. eoin

    Be the trouble makers bored thugs or bad actors….the cops will now spin this into a reason for banning any public show of dissatisfaction with policy. It won’t make the people feel any better. All the state had to do was to allow public debate on all the issues, from lockdown to vaccine, to settle people nerves. Instead they’ve avoided that and sought to demonise anyone with questions. Again, this won’t help build trust.

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