Hitch In The Matrix


A photograph of Tony Blair being vaccinated, used to illustrate Peter Hitchens’ article about himself being vaccinated. As opposed to a picture of Peter Hitchens being vaccinated. Which would have looked very similar. 


Covid sceptic and lockdown critic Peter Hitchens takes the jab…



This morning.


I’ve had the Covid jab – and all it cost me was my freedom (Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday)

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27 thoughts on “Hitch In The Matrix

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        with the likes of Charage about
        + a few other ‘affirmative action’ logins

        it takes a bit more effort to get a word in
        Don’t you know wimin have to work harder, longer and be smarter than their fella counterpart

        1. Bitnboxy

          Lol. Suffice it to say vis à vis Charage, you are decidedly in a better place in life V. Outside of Broadsheet, one just knows, Charger hasn’t much else going on. Shur, would one even begrudge him the few auld posts about his fantasy Brexit, the vaccinations and whatever else is his thing? I can’t say I read many of his “musings”. I have him filed under a GiggidyPox type of poster.

  1. Tony

    Poor Hitch. Look at him there being oppressed by the man. If he was making a raised fist that photo would be perfect.

  2. Nigel

    ‘While being vaccinated I merely started beating a nearby horse which had conveniently died some time ago.’

  3. eoin

    He doesn’t want to take his STATE ENFORCED medicine. That’s a key point. State can now demand you get a jab. A jab that the pharma companies are so confident about, that they insisted on a waiver of responsibility before even rolling it out. Anyone see any issue with any of that?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      if he doesnt want to, he doesnt have to

      but if he decides not to, the rest of us can similarly decide we dont want him sitting beside us and coughing and sputtering around us when we’re next in the cinema or on a plane or in a restaurant

        1. Brother Barnabas

          the young children that fire rockets into people’s faces that you’re familiar with? yep, definitely. wouldnt want them near me.

          1. Micko

            Wow. “Expertly” deflected there. Are you a wannabe politician? :p

            No, I of course mean those under 12.

            Are you worried about catching it off them too?

            Should their vaccination be mandatory?

            Can they go to the same cinema as you too?

  4. Charger Salmons

    My Slovakian handyman steadfastly refuses to even consider vaccination. He’s convinced people are dying in their hundreds after being jabbed back home.
    Fortunately there is still plenty of work for him outside in the grounds of Chateau Charger to keep him occupied until the summer when nature and ultra-violet light will hopefully have got a hold of this thing.
    Conversion of the old stable block into a luxury holiday rental has been put on hold for a while anyway.

  5. V aka Frilly Keane

    just shows, when it comes to it
    tis Bang me up lads

    all the talk
    is just talk

    in other vax news, straight from the trap of the head of one of the Country’s main acute centre labs
    The Pfizers one doesn’t need fancy fridges at all, so is going to be rolled out to the Pharmacists etc very shortly
    and the Johnsons Baby one shot is expected by May, June at the latest.
    So No More Tears lads – we’ll all be back on the road by September 1st

    it’s also on the cards for it to be included with annual Flu shots

    In fairness to everyone, this time last year – 1st March 2020, did ye ever think we’d still be getting the run around with this Virus.

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