I Asked For A Leg Tattoo


She’s back!

A new documentary from TG4 will revisit Peig, her personality and her art as a storyteller ‘reclaiming her and portraying her as she has never been before’.

Deirdre Ní Choistín writes:

Peig Sayers – widely considered to be the most hated woman in Irish history has tormented young students across Ireland for decades with her memoir ‘Peig’.

Described as boring, unrelenting, and unintelligible, Peig’s autobiography was part of the compulsory Leaving Certificate Irish syllabus until 1995.


Presented by broadcaster Sinéad Ní Uallacháin (top right with Sharon Granahan who has a tattoo of Peig) is on a rebranding mission to give Peig the mother of all make overs – one that will change her memory in our minds forever.

She will take the viewer on a fascinating journey to find out about the real Peig, listening to recordings of her, dipping into some comedy sketches about Peig, meeting those who love her [ and loathe her, debunking myths and finally uncovering who the real Peig is and a legacy to be proud of….


Peig on March 10 at 9.30pm TG4.

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14 thoughts on “I Asked For A Leg Tattoo

  1. bertie blenkinsop

    Having a Peig tattoo is as cringey as making jokes about leaving the immersion on.

  2. Gabby

    An Irish translation of a sexy story from the Decameron is just the thing to stimulate teenagers into learning to read Irish. Ar aghaidh leo!

    1. missred

      Sure what else would you be doing with the legs of a three legged stool on a tiny island by candlelight?

        1. missred

          One peg, errr sorry Peig, for you and another for Janet. I knew you bold girls would get it

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