No Fireworks



Outside The offices of the Mother and Baby Home Commission, Dublin 2.

Mother and Baby Home survivor Sheila O’Byrne (top) joined a protest organised by ‘Baby Shoes Remember’ highlighting the treatment of witness testimony by the Mother and Baby Home Commission and the whitewashing of the gravity of crimes committed against women at Mother and Baby Homes in the Commission’s final report.

‘Baby Shoes Remember’ is a group that commemorates Church and state crimes against women and children.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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3 thoughts on “No Fireworks

  1. millie bobby brownie

    Fair play to yis, broadsheet, for posting this. I admit I didn’t know that this was being protested on Saturday, and I’m sorry that it was overshadowed by the clashes of stupidity taking place only a few streets away. The more media attention is shone on this topic, the better. We all know that our fine leaders have a backbone of wet cardboard when presented with enough scrutiny and public pressure, and they’ve fobbed off people for long enough.

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