A Limerick A Day


Mark Russo (above) has been charged with carving his twitter handle and the Qanon motto “WWG1WGA” (Where We Go One, We Go All) at ‘America’s Stonehenge’

A QAnon cultist called Mark
Who seems not to be a bright spark
Set out on his own
To carve into stone
His twitter account for a lark

John Moynes

Pic: Salem Police Department

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8 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Micko

    The guy carved his own Twitter handle into the thing…

    Clearly his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor.

  2. scottser

    i had a look at the american stonehenge website there. they did a geo survey of the wall orientation and they extended the trajectory out around the globe on google maps. the line runs smack bang through the middle of stonehenge on salisbury plain.

  3. Ian-og


    Except, despite saying he would, trouser dump trump didn’t go with his army of stable jeniusiz to the capitol buuldings on the 6th of Jan.

    But then he has been a coward his entire life.

    As for this idiot and his compadres, clearly life is tough.


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