For Your Consideration


‘The Man on the Phone’.

A lockdown comedy short.

Aidan O’Sullivan writes:

Two bored house mates start to get suspicious about a strange man outside their house. They are determined to find out just what is the “Man On The Phone” up to…

Starring Craig Moran, James Higgins, Darragh Moran, Aidan O Sullivan and Hazel Mac Blake.

Red Sauce Comedy

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3 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. Micko

    I like the idea, but the guys need a bit of help with editing.

    Needs to be a tighter edit. You could probably lose about 90 secs out of it.

    Fair play though.

  2. Verbatim

    Yes, this is where covid has led a lot of us to. See above comment for critique!
    While on one of my little covid allowed walks, a little memory card of about 3cms ejected out of my mp3 into the grass between a twig and a pile of dog poo. It has all my mind soothing tunes on it…so I went on my knees to find it. Unfortunately, the patch of grass is right across the road from the only house on the road, where someone was mowing the lawn, that felt uncomfortable… being OCD I am returning today to see if I can find it, going to rip up the grass inch by inch to find the little fecker.

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