Name that jammer, anyone?


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7 thoughts on “Half Nelson

    1. The Dude

      The action by Sutcliffe and others was never sanctioned by the IRA.

      It suited Dev that the Pillar was removed ahead of the 1916 commemoration at the GPO a few weeks later – much remained until it was removed a few days later by the state army, along with many windows nearby.

      The Pillar’s destruction began a rot in O’Connell Street, from which our main street has never recovered.

      Whatever justification could be advanced for blowing the statue, destroying the Pillar was inexcusable: Shame on RTE radio hosts and indeed anyone else who praises this action.

  1. Paulus

    Prob a Ford Anglia. An inward-sloping rear window would confirm, but hard to tell from this angle.

  2. ian-oh

    My uncle apparently brought a piece home with him as well according to family legend.

    He asked my grandad where was the best place to keep it. My granddad took him on a stroll down to the liffey and threw it in and said ‘best place for that’.

    Is it true? No idea but definitely was the type of thing he would have done.


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