Laois Of Life [Updated]


This morning.

Via Electric Picnic


‘Revellers’ at the Electric Picnic, 2018

This morning.

Planning permission for the 70,000 capacity festival in Stradbally, Co Laois has been rolled over from last year and 95 per cent of those who bought tickets for last year’s cancelled event have retained their tickets for this year.

Brian McDermott, one of the organisers of Electric Picnic, said the festival will go ahead “unless the Government tells us otherwise” and it should be followed by the National Ploughing Championships later in the month of September.

Electric Picnic to go ahead ‘unless the Government tells us otherwise’ (irish Times)


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15 thoughts on “Laois Of Life [Updated]

  1. george

    I’m sure when it comes to actually spending money on it they are being much more cautious.

  2. Nigel

    It must utterly, utterly, utterly suck to be in the position of having to make these decisions.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    I’m honestly surprised they didn’t announce dates and put tickets on sale and if the gig didn’t go ahead in 2021, tickets could be retained for 2022 while the money builds interest. That’s what happened with the St Anne’s Park gigs – no refunds, just rescheduled.

    1. paver

      builds interest? those days were long ago. nothing builds interest anymore, maybe they could invest the money in volatile asset, but i doubt it. most lightly they are paying for the privilege to keep the money in an account somewhere.

    2. Nilbert

      That is what they did. but the tickets were sold in 2020 and have been retained for 2021
      The problem is, putting that amount of money in the bank would probably cost you money these days.

  4. TypeONegative

    Sure at least half the headline acts are probably not going to be touring this year at this point, so any lineup would be hobbled. By next summer there’ll probably be a cohesive vaccine passport system for concert goers I imagine.

    All the big stadium fillers seem to be using the down time to work on studio albums anyway.

  5. Micko

    Does anyone think the travel ban will be lifted by September?

    If not, how could they book international artists knowing that if one of their entourage test positive before a flight, the artist would be a close contact and unable to fly.

    The whole thing would be a bust

  6. gallantman

    On the day that the last over 70/vulnerable person gets vaccinated the statistical dangers around Covid 19 become vanishingly low and life returns to normal surely. Have I missed something here??

  7. max

    Electric picnic will happen though for the over 75’s only, featuring artists such as daniel o donnel and jake carter

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