16 thoughts on “War Es Dafür?

  1. D-troll

    Another brilliant headline “War es dafur” i hope the headline creator spreads their natural talent elsewhere in addition to broadsheet. the wiring in the brain is shooting on all cyclinders.

  2. ian-oh

    I have a can of White Hag Shamrock Shake Ice Cream ale for Paddys day.

    Might be muck but they are good brewers so here’s hoping its not.

      1. ian-oG

        Yep, part of a multi sampler pack so one of each of a few different kinds. Apparently its a bit minty so probably not for me but you never know?

    1. wasntmeguard

      where can one purchase such a beverage? might buy it to mark the occasion

        1. Brother Barnabas

          craft central have a shop opposite break for the border (is it still break for the border?) on stephen st lwr

          seem to rotate the selection but always nice range

      1. Mick

        From my hometown, Ballymote. great beers generally. Haven’t tried this one yet, but hoping to have at least one to try for next week.

  3. Celticon

    Yeah, Aldi have Jameson and Baileys on for British week starting on Friday. Down with that sort of thing. However, my righteous indignation is knocked to the side by the €14.99 Jameson. It’s normally €19.99 here.

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